I Would F*ck A “Social Justice” Guy

I would fuck a social justice guy. One of the biggest reasons would be because at an age where most of my peers are being criticized for over self indulgence, I would know that deep down he sees beyond himself. I would find it empowering that he uses social media to argue his beliefs because if he were informed and passionate about a subject, he would act as a counter balance to those who use Facebook to push their slacktivist agendas.

You know the type I’m talking about. The type who will educate you on your mistakes when you use a word you didn’t know was offensive. The type who will see your mistake was not malicious attack but rather a miscalculation due to not understanding a particular topic. Because this man understands that both people AND ideas are of equal value. This man understands that in order for life to improve, enough people must be cognoscente of their actions and must make a conscious effort to move in a direction that will bring about a collective understanding of acceptance. In a time where millennials are begrudged for not being more active in political and social issues, he is choosing to separate himself from this ideology. What is immature is to see their passion for the equal treatment of others and the betterment of the environment as a personality trait that is a turn off.

This man won’t care about what your body looks like naked. Or whether or not you laugh awkwardly during sex. He won’t care because by understanding that change needs to happen on an intellectual level, he will hopefully concern himself less with the standard of beauty society tells him a body should look like. He will understand how big of a player the media is in perpetuating false ideas. He will have the ability to move past the impossible standards of beautiful spoon fed to all of us, he will be able to choose for himself. Plus, with all that arguing through typing away on social media and barking down people’s throats (as you claim all social justice men do) he’ll probably be really wonderful with his tongue and hands.

If anything, I can’t think of a bigger turn off than a man who would rather be agreeable to everything just for the sake of having someone to keep them warm at night. That’s one of the biggest problems with the way our society views social issues. We’d rather be complacent than stand up for what is right. It’s easier that way, it’s less messy that way, and some people would actually believe the argument that if they’re too opinionated then people won’t want to fuck them.

Also, men who are social justice people in the way you described are actually just decent human beings. They see the injustice that has permeated our society and instead of playing COD seven hours a day with their friends, they’ve decided to try and implement change. Decent human beings only care about being PC because those who are cognoscente of what is and what isn’t PC are, on average, decent human beings. Decent human beings get me hot and heavy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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