13 Reasons You Absolutely Should Not Own A Labrador

1. Labradors are one of the most ferocious and evil dogs ever to have walked the earth.

2. They have razor-sharp teeth and will never stand down from a fight.

3. Labradors, especially the puppies, are incredibly notorious for being loners.

4. Labradors are also well-known for being super aggressive.

Photo by Chrissy Stockton
Photo by Chrissy Stockton

5. They’re also crazy party animals.

Photo by Chrissy Stockton
Photo by Chrissy Stockton

6. Labradors are basically not friendly at all.

Just look at those eyes.

7. They’re also super duper rude.

8. Blocking fire exits is their specialty.

9. They don’t care about you.

10. At all.

11. But they will follow you.

12. Everywhere.

13. And watch your every move.

Please adopt a dog from your nearest animal shelter! Love your pets. Every single one of them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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