21 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rescue Pit Bulls

1. They ruin friendships because they’re really selfish.

2. See?

3. And they don’t believe in hugs!

4. Absolutely hate hugs.


5. Rest? Pit bulls will never give you a moment’s peace.

6. None whatsoever.

7. They hate the sun and will do anything to avoid it.

8. Did I mention that they’re not cute?


9. Like, at all?

10. Just look at them.

11. Not cute at all.


12. Pit bulls don’t eat ‘food’ — they feast on your fear.

13. And they totally steal all of your thunder.

14. It’s like they love the spotlight.

15. Attention hog much?


16. Like, give it a rest!

17. Worst of all, these guys are climate change deniers.

18. Get out of my face with that crap.

19. Seriously.

20. Pit bulls.

21. They really hate us.

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