21 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rescue Pit Bulls

1. They ruin friendships because they’re really selfish.

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Somebody doesn't like bath time 🙊 @snn43

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2. See?

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3. And they don’t believe in hugs!

4. Absolutely hate hugs.


5. Rest? Pit bulls will never give you a moment’s peace.

6. None whatsoever.

7. They hate the sun and will do anything to avoid it.

8. Did I mention that they’re not cute?


9. Like, at all?

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10. Just look at them.

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I want to say THANK YOU to @mrjaxtaylor For posting this; "Sorry to the pit bull community, how could this animal be that cruel. Sometimes we say things in the heat of the moment or when we get caught up, again truly sorry, and I hope you guys can forgive me. Thanks have a great day. " Thank you for apologizing, even though it will not be seen by as many as it was on @bravotv at least you did apologize and realize that that wording really hurts us as a community. The community that we fight for every single day trying to change these stereo types. And thank you to all my followers for tagging and reposting that video. This shows that we CAN make a difference and you should really feel good that we changed at least one persons view. Our job as a community is NOT to bash people, but to educate. And this is a huge step forward in my eyes. ❤️

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11. Not cute at all.


12. Pit bulls don’t eat ‘food’ — they feast on your fear.

13. And they totally steal all of your thunder.

14. It’s like they love the spotlight.

15. Attention hog much?


16. Like, give it a rest!

17. Worst of all, these guys are climate change deniers.

18. Get out of my face with that crap.

19. Seriously.

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The Bark Night Rises. Via @pittiesofinsta

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20. Pit bulls.

21. They really hate us.

Love all dogs. Love all cats. Please adopt an animal at your local rescue center! TC mark

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