8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Boyfriend A Sex Toy


It may sound weird to think about buying your boyfriend a sex toy, but why? Most of us have a vibrator or some other toy, so shouldn’t your guy have something as well? You’d be surprised at the amount of products aimed at guys now. Here are 12 reasons why you should buy your boyfriend a sex toy.

1. I have one, so why shouldn’t he?

I don’t have an arsenal of dildos all over my apartment, but I have one for when I need it. Sometimes you just feel like a quick orgasm without having to make a big deal out of it, or when your significant other isn’t around. Yes I realize he can just use his hand, but so can I and I’d much rather have a toy than going at it manually. Get him a vagina in a can and now you’re on the same level.

2. Some actually improve his stamina.

Unlike jerking off, which can cause a guy to cum faster than usual, there are sex toys designed to make him have more stamina and last longer. I don’t know what scientist worked in the lab to create such a masterpiece, but I am very thankful for his diligent work. Nothing worse than building up to a night of great sex and the whole thing lasting two minutes. In college I had a guy orgasm while dry humping. I would prefer for that to never happen again in my life.

3. Your towels won’t get ruined.

On a practical side, the most frustrating part of a guy jerking off is how it ruins your towels. If you rub a towel on your skin and it’s crunchy, congratulations, you just rubbed dried jizz all over yourself. That’s the opposite of what I enjoy after taking a shower. Get him a Fleshlight and you’ll eliminate the mess. I feel like one of those ladies on an infomercial. “There’s gotta be a better way!” But for real, for the sake of your towels, get him something to take care of his quite time needs without destroying everything you got from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

4. Some nights you just don’t feel like it.

I don’t like to have sex while I’m on my period. There, I said it. I don’t like the mess and I don’t prefer to feel like a melting cherry cobbler after we’re finished. I’d rather tell my boyfriend to go fuck a replica of a porn star’s vagina than to use up all my good lotion because I want to go to bed at 9pm. Also, how much lotion do you seriously need? That stuff is expensive!

5. They make size enhancers!

Ok it’s not exactly the same as a toy, but they make some that increase his size or can take the bend out of his penis. I can’t imagine having a conversation with a dude to tell him that his penis isn’t big enough, but if you start buying sex toys for each other and throw one of those in with it, it’s a little more organic than saying, “Yo your dick is too small to make me cum.”

6. Better than having to do butt stuff yourself.

A lot of girls have no interest in anything going into their butts. I don’t mind a finger around the outside, but anything more than a pinkie barely making contact is a no-go for me. Good news! There’s an anal sex toy so he can see what it’s like to do anal without giving you the fear of tearing your butthole apart or accidentally having a little poop come out. I honestly can’t believe I typed those last words, but, come on, you know it’s true.

7. Mutual masturbation is hot.

Obviously straight up sex is the best, but mutual masturbation is up there. It’s so hot to get things started by watching each other touch yourselves. There’s one sex toy I saw that’s clear, so you can see him penetrating inside of it. Honestly I’m thinking about getting one because it would be super sexy to use it on him myself and be able to watch it.

8. You know you’re curious.

I had read stuff about male sex toys and was curious, but never really considered buying one until a friend of mine recommended it. It’s not weird and it’s no different than having a female sex toy. At the end of the day we all want our partners to be happy and satisfied. Why not spice it up and try something new? I don’t regret it and I doubt you will either. Have fun! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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