13 Things Guys Would Immediately Do If They Suddenly Had Boobs


1. Start sending nip slips to everyone in their phone

2. Stare in the mirror for hours

3. Never leave home again

4. Try to see what they could hold in between them while jumping

5. Make them bounce to the tune of the Super Mario Bros 3 theme music

6. Lick their nipples until their tongue went numb

7. Put a drink with a straw in between them so they could watch TV or game hands free

8. Draw a nose and a mouth on their stomach so it looks like a smiley face

9. Go to every Victoria’s Secret and get fitted for the perfect fit bra

10. Enter every wet t-shirt contest in the tri-state area

11. Lie on their stomach and pretend they’re looking down at a majestic mountain range

12. “Accidentally” spill delicious foods on them so they’ll be forced to lick it off

13. A lot of guys try to blow themselves and boobs are closer than their mouth so I think we all know where this is going Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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