6 Meaningful Life Lessons I’ve Learned Before Turning 30

Aidan Meyer
Aidan Meyer

As we age through Life, we tend to become scared of growing older, but what if growing older was all part of the journey through life. What if it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was, and what if it was all part of a bigger journey all of us were meant to follow. Turning 30 has given me a different view of just how much my life has changed over the span of 30 years, and I’m hopeful I’ll be able to add to that 30 more. Here are the life lessons I’ve learnt by becoming the big 30.

Change is constant

Everything around us is constantly changing, no matter if we’re ready for it or not. What was relevant ten years ago may have changed significantly ten years later. The best way forward is to accept change because sometimes the smallest change may be for the better. Our viewpoints on life may change continuously as the years come and go. Don’t be scared of change, Embrace it!

Opinions do not matter

As you become older with time you tend to see aspects of life in many different ways, and our opinions/reactions to circumstances in our life either become less or more. We either grow more towards a certain people in our lives or we tend to drift away from those we were once close to. Life changes through the years and opinions we once held high of people who may have been close to us may not have that same depth as we age into more secure adults. Even opinions of close family may not hold the same value as it may had earlier in your life. This is a valuable lesson you learn by the time you reach 30, that others opinions of you are irrelevant, and that your own is all you need to count on.

Its all about the small things

You come to realise that the past may have held many things that you took up to seriously, and now that you’re older, it doesn’t have the same kind of effect. Life goes on, the kind of things you once held with high regard becomes mundane to you, and you start searching for more meaningful conversations, people, relationships and memories. Thus the simplest things and moments start to fill up your life. You come to realise that giving attention to the things in life that were of no importance or gain to you become meaningless and by growing older we leave more room to let these puppet strings that hold us back be cut loose. By letting ourselves be cut free, we give ourselves the freedom to grow.

Embracing acceptance

With age comes a wealth of knowledge and experience, and by allowing ourselves to embrace the aging process , we are able to make peace with many things in our lives. We are able to understand mistakes more fully because we ourselves by age 30 have made a million mistakes. We learn to forgive, accept, be indifferent and understand that no one is perfect, not even ourselves. Not many people will be as willing to accept things for what they are, but because life is constantly ever changing, its important to be able to learn acceptance of many things in life. It may not be easy to overcome some things as an adult, but we all owe it to ourselves to apologise if we are wrong, to ask for forgiveness and to be able to forgive just as easily, as life is unpredictable, and we may not be there tomorrow to right our wrongs or fix what went wrong. Acceptance is an important part of evolving as person, it teaches you to make peace with anything you cannot change and to move on.

Experience changes perception

There will come times in your life when you as a young adult won’t fully understand situations or how the older generation may handle things. The only way were truly able to understand is by gaining experience and letting experience guide us. A small bit of knowledge may be the difference between fixing a situation in life that may have seemed impossible. By learning to adapt yourself, you gain the necessary experience you need to make it through life. The more the years go by, you’ll see things that were once puzzling to you become clearer, because chances are, you’ve already overcome that obstacle before and if it should arise again in future you’ll be ready to deal with it. Letting yourself experience even the smallest things in life equips you for an unknown future, meaning you’ll always be ready to face life head on.

Living is important

By becoming 30 many things have become so much more apparent to me. I’ve allowed myself to rejoice in the pain and sorrows I’ve faced, I’ve allowed myself to become anyone I needs to be in any sort of moment in life. I’ve come to understand that falling is part of the struggle, getting up after every fall is important.

I’ve learnt to let go of the things that has held me back, and to welcome anything that could be beneficial to my being. I’ve understood that that life is sometimes unfair, and it won’t always go according to plan, but its up to yourself to change your perception of how life can be. Aging through life is a journey that should be experienced with every pitfall, it shouldn’t just consist of the good, but needs to filled with the good, the bad, the ugly and the dreaded inbetweens. It should be left to come naturally, and left to take its course.

By becoming 30, I’ve realized I might never be the person I set out out to be, but I can become the person I’ve always wanted to be. I want to embrace the flaws I’ve come to love about my life, I want to rejoice in the wrong turns I’ve taken which have lead me to the right roads in the end. I want to do the good for all the wrong reasons, knowing that doing good in any way is the right way for me. I want to be all I can be, be less than if I need to be, and sometimes I want to be nothing at all but the person I’ve grown into over the last 30 years. Embrace the beauty of aging, because this is the true journey of life.

Don’t be scared to live, regardless of where life may lead you, this is after all your spiritual path to the next level of life.

Beauty lies in the nothingness of life, experience brings you closer to embracing the nothingness, and turning it into something extra- ordinary. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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