5 Relatively Unknown Haunted Spots In South Africa With Terrifying Secrets Guaranteed To Terrify You

South Africa is a country known for its diverse cultures and beautiful scenery, but yet there are many lesser known places within South Africa that holds its creepy folklore and legends. These places nestled within quite little cities and towns, seemingly normal from the outside, but which houses truly creepy secrets better left untold. Here are some of the most haunted places that lies within.

1. The Phantom Horsemen of Tokai Forest

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Nestled within Tokai forest lies the beautiful Tokai Manor House belonging to the Eksteen family. The Eksteen’s were a wealthy family known for their lavish lifestyle and parties. One fateful New Years eve night during of one of their lavish parties, Senior Eksteen dared his son Frederick to ride his horse up the steep steps of the manor home. Frederick, being a very boastful young lad, got on his horse and attempted to prance around the dining hall on horseback to impress their many party guests. As Frederick was preparing to exit the home, his horse lost balance by slipping on the top steps, sending both horse and owner falling to their death. Legend has it that on certain New Years Eves, ghostly sightings are seen and heard within the Tokai forest and the manor, as the ghostly horsemen takes one more ride into the darkness.

2. The Castle Of Good Hope

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The Cape Town Castle is one of the oldest colonial buildings in South Africa and was once used to house convicted criminals. Many of these criminals or slaves were brutally beaten and executed on these very grounds. It is now known to be home to many restless spirits and spectres who haunt the grounds to this day. Visitors to the castle have reported seeing flickering lights, heard disembodied voices and some have even reported seeing a ghostly black figure and a dog. There are also reports of people seeing the ghost of Lady Anne Barnard who was the first official hostess of the castle.

3. The Uniondale Ghost (The Ghostly Hitchhiker)

Just outside of the little town of Uniondale, there have been many reports of a ghostly hitchhiker named Maria Roux. Maria Roux died in a car crash on the R62 in 1968. Ever since, the dark-haired beauty has been spotted hitchhiking near the crash site. Legend goes that once Maria is picked up by unsuspecting drivers, she enters the car with a shrill laugh and disappears a few kilometers down the road. Up to this day, she still hitchhikes on that very road and still spooks unsuspecting drivers who are kind enough to offer her a ride.

4. Nottingham Road Hotel

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The Nottingham Road Hotel is in the beautiful lush province of Kwazulu Natal, and is reported to be home to a beautiful spirit named Charlotte. Charlotte was tragically killed under mysterious circumstances sometime in the early 1800s. It is alleged that she was either pushed or jumped to her death from one of the top windows. Locals of the area and hotel guests have reported seeing her through windows, gliding through the hotels hallways and she has even been known to unpack guests bags. She is by far one of the most famous ghosts in South Africa.

5. Kempton Park Haunted Hospital (Johannesburg)

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The Kempton Park Hospital is an abandoned hospital situated in Kempton Park, Johannesburg. This was once a beautiful hospital but suddenly closed down in the early 1990s and has never been reopened. Many people alledge that the hospital was left just as it was with glass jars of kidneys specimens, bloody sheets lying strewn about and hospital records are still left in old dusty cabinets. Many visitors and explorers of the abandoned hospital have reported hearing baby’s crying, doors shutting and have seen a ghostly man roam the deserted hallways of the hospital. To this day the hospital still stands totally abandoned, just waiting to be explored. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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