A Shout-Out To The Victims Of Political Correctness


Today, I was scrolling through Facebook and found myself somewhat uncharacteristically irritated with a discussion about the morality of homosexuality. Usually I’m too condescending for FB discourse, but a couple of the comments underneath the original post left a pretty bad taste in my mouth.

“Good for you for having the courage to post anything about it. In these days WE are getting heat for what we believe.”

“Courage”, the victims say! It must be really hard to be criticized for disparaging another group of people. You’re not allowed to say whatever you please without responding, and the only effect of someone criticizing you is you feeling offended.

Tough shit.

People always try to justify offensive comments with the “this is just my opinion” line but they clearly don’t ever think about the repercussions of their words.

For example, society has finally figured out why it shouldn’t casually throw around the phrase “that’s so gay”. Most people have never meant anything negative by saying it, but the OBJECTIVE, psychological effect of a gay person hearing that over and over are feelings of isolation, rejection, and depression – even when no one is trying to make them feel that way.

The power of “that’s so gay” is already so profound. Imagine how devastating a constant perpetuation of negative religious conviction can be.

In the real world? One man’s disapproval is another man’s hate crime. Just check the stats on mortality rates for trans people. That’s why, when a fellow human being demands political correctness, they’re actually just warning people not to smoke cigarettes in the woods. One bad light can set and entire forest on fire – and people are gonna die.
Let me say this, though.

I’m not checking for anyone’s opinion on this matter. I am a Muslim and I know that my doctrine is disapproving of homosexuality. Many Christians will tell me the same about theirs. My issue isn’t with anyone holding condemning views towards homosexuals or even EXPRESSING those views.

The issue is with the perpetrators of prejudice masquerading as society’s victims.

When people make racist, sexist, or homophobic comments, it manifests itself in hatred, which makes the subjects of the hatred the victims of violence. The people who make the comments (aka, the people who choose not to be PC) just occasionally get yelled at for being shitty people.

I’m not typically a competitor in the privilege Olympics, but let’s be real about who has it harder here.

Regardless, I shouldn’t have gotten so bothered by someone on Facebook. Like they always say – Love the poster, hate the post. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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