8 Completely Unusual Date Ideas To Break Your Relationship Out Of Routine


Whether your relationship is old or new, it could probably use a little bit of spice. I don’t mean “spice” in the way that you might be thinking either. Going to dinner and a movie is so old fashioned and even more adventurous ideas like Go Karts and hiking have been done a thousand times. If you really want to impress a new love interest or bring some excitement into your long-term relationship, try one of these unusual date ideas.

1. Have a Picnic in a Cemetery.

It’s not as morbid as it sounds OK? Cemeteries tend to be well manicured spaces in the outdoors and way more interesting than a park. They are full of history (literally,) are extremely peaceful and you will probably be the only ones there. Plus, it will really make you appreciate your mortality and live in the moment with your date (hopefully anyways.)

2. Go to a Poetry Slam

Even if you’re not into poetry, a slam could change your mind. They aren’t as romantic as one may think and instead offer some pretty deep, very saucy words of self expression. The crowd that gathers for these events can get so rowdy that you may mistake the scene for a sports game. It will take the pressure off of you to talk to each other but will totally give you something to discuss once it’s over.

3. Take a Volunteer Vacation.

OK, so this one will last a whole lot longer than a typical date so make sure you actually like the person before embarking on one. Pack your bags and go do some good by doing conservation work in Costa Rica, helping elephants in Thailand, or rebuilding houses in Nepal. And, if you don’t want to go too far, you can always do something locally with popular organizations like Habitat for Humanity. Not only will this make you feel good but it will allow you to show your humanitarian side.

4. Ride The Subway…The Entire Time.

Instead of actually going anywhere or doing something specific, jump on the subway and never get off. You can just pass the time by really sitting and listening to each other without any time limits or plans distracting you. Sure, you could do the same thing over coffee but it wouldn’t feel as adventurous now would it?

5. Go Geocaching.

It’s essentially an adult treasure hunt and it can actually take you all over the world. Anyone can be part of it and thousands of people have made “caches” that they then hid in places all over the globe. Download the Geocaching app and you are sure to find one wherever you are. The app will give you clues and the GPS map will help you find the general location. Once you locate it, open it up, take out a trinket, sign your name and leave something original behind. It will give you the chance to work together OR compete, whichever one suits you best!

6. Test Drive Cars.

Take a romantic ride in a car that isn’t yours. Dress the part, pretend that you are married and head to the car dealerships. You can do a little role playing, see how good of an actor the other one is and get to experience driving cars that you may never be able to afford.

7. Eat in The Dark.

Offering a dining experience in the dark is a trendy, not so new, concept that restaurants are offering to diners. Some restaurants simply have no lights while others offer blindfolds for each patron to wear. Try Opaque in California, CamaJe Bistro in NYC or O. Noir in Montreal. It will be a seductive little way to make a dinner date more enticing.

8. Try Axe Throwing.

This is actually a thing and more cities are incorporating these venues into their scene. You might scare your date away with this suggestion but it will totally be worth it. Most places will let you book on for an hour lesson and give you some guidance on how to throw that axe like a champ. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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