You’re Going To Regret What You Did To Her

Well, it’s over. Really over. She’s not talking to you, the pictures on her phone and social media have been deleted. She blocked your number, the accounts have been unfollowed and unfriended. The memories are still forever burned into your mind and maybe the past is the past, but the love will never go away. It was never supposed to happen, you weren’t supposed to end. But every day it gets a little easier. The crying sessions have shortened, the thoughts she has of you have been slowing, the love for you has been growing into resentment, the want for you back is growing weaker and the plans for a future with you have stopped and have begun to haunt her.

She’ll go back and forth between loving you and hating you.

You broke all of your promises. It took a while for her to realize her worth but now, she has. She knows she deserves better than this, than you. You were what she dreamed of, everything she wanted, her world. But somewhere along the way, you began to drift. You went from her dream to her nightmare. You became everything you promised you never would. You broke her heart instead of continuing to try. You were a coward.

And at some point, you’ll grow tired of fooling around. You’ll remember her and the relationship and yearn for her. You’ll contact her and beg her to come back to you.

But by then it will be too late.

She has put herself back together piece by piece. She has stopped thinking about it, about you. She stopped hoping and wishing. She’s no longer hurting. She was way stronger than you to begin with.

You let an amazing girl go, a good girl who loved you with all her heart. A girl who fought for you and didn’t want to give up.  

You’ll see that she is happy without you. You’ll see her photos pop up, you’ll see her with another man, holding his hand, smiling and laughing with him, kissing him. And suddenly, you’ll remember what it was like when she was with you. When you were the one that made her smile and laugh, when you were the one who kissed her, when you were the one she loved.

You’ll miss her. You’ll miss her laugh, you’ll miss her smile, you’ll miss her touch, her scent, her love, the way she made you feel. You’ll miss having someone to talk to all the time, having someone who understands you. You’ll miss having someone to call at 2:00 in the morning when you miss them or you can’t sleep.

And you will regret what you did, you’ll regret ever hurting her.

She was the one thing in your life that actually made you feel like you had a purpose and you ruined it.

For what? So you could mess around with other girls who don’t care about you? She gave you everything, she would’ve done anything for you, she was loyal as hell, she loved you more than she loved herself, you’ll realize she was really down for you.

And now she’s moved on, she’s happy with someone else, and you’re alone. Even if you’re with someone else, you feel alone, because you know she was the one.

She was the one you were meant to be with. The one you love. And you threw it away because you were bored.

Your friends will tell you that you screwed up, your family will remind you all the time of how much they loved her and how you messed up. And you’ll know it was your biggest mistake to let her go. It may take you a few months, maybe a few years, but when it hits you, it’s going to hurt like hell.

And you’ll know exactly what you put her through. You’ll finally understand what you did to her, and you will regret it forever, that’s a promise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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