The 5 Ideal Qualities I Look For In A Partner

Flickr / tomo tang
Flickr / tomo tang

I think everyone has s list of what they are looking for in a significant other, whether it’s actually written out or not. At the end of the day, we are all just humans looking for love and connection. I believe that all of us crave loyalty, stability, passion, and authentic love. But to go beyond that, there are definitely other characteristic in a partner that I crave. I’m not asking for more, I’m just asking for the one for me.

1. Adventure.

I can honestly say there is nothing more unattractive than someone who has no sense of adventure. Life is short. Life is fragile. If you aren’t living on the edge, I don’t really know why you are wasting your time here. I’m not asking for someone who jumps out of planes and travels across the world at the drop of the hat (not that I would be against that). But a genuine sense of adventure and a free spirit could entice me for a lifetime. I want to explore foreign cities, try new cuisines, climb mountains, and create an exciting life… with you.

2. Creativity.

This is a close second. Creativity is the ultimate adventure into the mind and soul. It shows that you aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and real. Creating art, music, poetry, photography… really any artistic outlet is beautiful. I don’t think there could be anything more intimate than creating art with someone I love. Creative souls just tend to relate to one another on a deeper level.

3. Independence.

It’s great to be in love; to create a union of two separate lives. But that’s just it: you are two separate beings. I want someone who has a clear idea of who they are and what they want; regardless of a relationship. Someone who has no problem spending a week traveling by themselves, or when I do the same. Someone who is just a strong solo as they are in a duo.

4. Wisdom.

If you really live life and experience all that you can, you are bound to gain some wisdom during your time here. The harder you live, the faster you gain it. I don’t want someone who has spent their life living inside a comfort zone. I want someone who has been around a time or two, fallen down and then dusted off their shoulders… someone who will have stories to tell me for a lifetime.

5. Wit.

Give me a sarcastic, smart ass sense of humor and you can have my heart. The thing about wit is that it goes beyond just being ‘funny’; it shows that you have the intellect and intelligence to back it up. And what is more attractive than that? It’s feisty, it’s keeps you on your toes, it keeps you laughing… and who doesn’t love to laugh?

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