I Don’t Want Love That Is Easy

Flickr / Arnaud Lancelevée
Flickr / Arnaud Lancelevée

I don’t want perfect. I don’t want easy, either. I want war. I want fire.

I want a tragedy so heartbreakingly beautiful that I could spend a lifetime writing about it.

See, this life is short. And a love that is just mediocre will never be enough for me.

I want to fall so hard that my heart and soul are engulfed in you. I want it to burn so bright that anything before or after you will be scorched into nothing but ashes.

I want to become one with you; mind, body, and soul. I want a passion that will send each sense to a level people have only dreamed of reaching.

I would rather live a day with this kind of love, than a hundred years filled with a love that is less.

I want to fall in love with the words you form in your remarkable mind. I want to fall in love with the sound of your voice. I want to fall in love with the curve of your spine and the warmth of your skin. I want to fall in love with your biggest insecurities and all the things you believe make you less. Because to me, they have made you all that you are; which will become my everything.

Give me a love story that will destroy every expectation I’ve ever had, and redefine everything I thought I knew. One that will turn my life upside down and reword every piece I’ve composed.

Give me it all or give me nothing.

Because I don’t want perfect.

I want you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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