10 Things The Modern Lady Would Never Do

The modern lady is fiercely independent, confident, and secure in who she is. She sees the best in every situation and lives by her own rules.

1. Make negative generalizations about all men. “All men are assholes, All men will use you.” The modern lady knows that no, not all men are assholes. Not all men are out to get them. They realize that there are gentlemen out there that will treat them right, because they do not settle for the assholes.

2. Use the nice guy as a emotional crutch. The modern lady does not need to rely on the nice guy to kiss her booboos after the bad boy crushed her heart. She can pick herself up and knows that using someone will only cause more problems.

3. Show too much skin. The modern lady knows that her best assets are not limited to her goodies. She knows that wearing that ‘too tight, push up, my behind is thiiiiis close to falling out’ dress will only attract guys who picture you in bed, not on their arm.

4. Rely on a man to provide for her. The modern lady knows that not all things in life are certain. She is fiercely independent and makes her own way in life.

5. Know nothing about current events, politics, or just about anything going on in the world other than the latest Kardashian gossip. The modern lady is worldly and educated. She does not waster her time and thoughts on trivial drama and gossip.

6. Trash talk her own friends. The modern lady truly values her friends, because if she didn’t, they wouldn’t be her friends. She does not talk badly about them, and when she does have a problem, she actually talks to them.

7. Not give back to her community. The modern lady is generous and caring. She knows that there are causes out there bigger than herself, which she devotes her time and effort to.

8. Compete with other women. The modern lady knows her own value. She does not need to brag or show other ladies up. She is confident in what she has to offer.

9. Complain about being single. The modern lady is just as content with the single life as she is being taken. She sees the best in every situation and knows that complaining won’t change a thing.

10. Let a man define them. The modern lady knows that their significant other is there to amplify their life, not define it. They know what they have to offer and hold their own in a relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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