4 Important Things To Make The Awkward Holiday Encounters More Bearable

The holidays are upon us. In just a few short weeks hometowns will be littered with college students home for break. If you are anything like me there will be the group of kids you can’t wait to spend time/exchange stories with, and the group you hope you don’t run into. It’s funny because in my first year out of high school running into or going out with any of the kids I graduated with was such a treat. Two years later, I have realized a few things.

  1. If they weren’t nice to me in high school, I sure as hell don’t have to be nice to them now.
  2. If they act as though they are better than me, they haven’t left high school yet.
  3. If something makes me uncomfortable, I no longer have to pretend everything is peachy in fear of losing my friends.

Due to the impending excitement and doom that is the holidays at home. Here is a small list of rules I compiled to make those awkward encounters more bearable.

At least for the month that everyone is home- wear makeup. I don’t mean full coverage, smokey-eye and lipstick makeup but you know as well as I do our old classmates are going to judge where we are in life based somewhat on appearance. bitches. I also know that I feel pretty uncomfortable when I run into a classmate at Target with no makeup, un-brushed hair, an oversized sweatshirt and men’s sweatpants.

Be friendly. So you run into someone you weren’t close with? Maybe that girl that sat next to you in math class sophomore year who told people she didn’t like you because you were friends with her boyfriend at one point or another. The group of kids that made up the football team and still think they’re hot shit. Or the class president for all four years of high school who will undoubtedly be leader of the free world in no time. We say “Hey! How are you doing? Any plans for after school? It was nice to see you. Happy Holidays!” Everyone likes nice people and everyone likes to feel like someone cares about how they are doing. The happy, friendly girls always win in the end.

If you are of age and at a bar, do not drink away your awkward thoughts. I mean sure, if you are out with friends have one too many drinks. Do you, girl. If you are at a bar and it is one of those unofficial high school reunion type situations.. do NOT be the sloppy one. Not a good look. Of course, I do remember a long-weekend-reunion my freshman year of college in which I couldn’t get out of bed for an entire day. Whoops!

Remember: Just because you aren’t at Harvard planning on a law degree does not make you less successful. Be confident in how far you have come and what you want out of life. There is no one definition of success.

Enjoy the holidays and make sure you are safe!
No drinking and driving and have lots of fun. I suggest being friendly to everyone you come across. However, that bitch that used to push you in the hall- well, wouldn’t it be a shame if someone were to accidentally spill a drink on her cute little blouse. Eat, drink and be thankful for the life you were given. Good luck! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – John-Morgan

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