Why The Best Ones Are Alone

image - Flickr / Ben Seidelman
image – Flickr / Ben Seidelman

It happens all the time and maybe, if you’re that kind of girl, it’s happens to you. You find yourself sitting at home, alone, wondering why you have no one. No one has texted you tonight. No one’s called within the last few days. You’re not snuggled up with your boyfriend watching a movie or getting ready for a date with the butterflies in your stomach that signify endless outcomes. You’re at home, in your bed, checking your phone every two minutes for absolutely nothing while watching a pointless and plot-lacking movie. Why? You ask yourself, why am I all alone?

You may think you’re ugly sometimes. What girl doesn’t? You may think you can be too loud and obnoxious or too quiet and stand-offish. You may be without academic stardom or athleticism to threaten Beckham. But overall? You know you’re one of the good ones. Deep down, you know that whomever ends up with you will be so lucky. You’re beautiful with your flaws and have an insane amount of capability to charm anybody into falling head-over-heels for you. And knowing that is okay, that’s not called an out-of-control ego; that’s called confidence.

If you’re one of these blessed and lucky few (which you might actually be, or you might just be fooling yourself), then why are you really all alone?

The fact is, no one is good enough.

That may sound harsh and that may sound like a load of bullshit, but it’s true.

You’re looking for something in particular and will not rest until it’s found. That one man who has the perfect amount of charm to genuine ratio, who isn’t too cheesy but makes sure you feel special, who can make you laugh your ass off but be serious and deep at times, and who looks like a mix of Heath Ledger and Ryan Gosling (or maybe that’s just my dream… you get the point though).

You’re in such a long and vast search that you turn a blind eye to every possible suitor that’s come your way. That boy that texts you sometimes who is not your type whatsoever, but you are his. That guy that you see at parties constantly checking you out, but you walk into the other room to see if anyone worth the time has shown up. It’s not that no one likes you; it’s that no one you want to like you, likes you.

You aren’t alone at all. In fact, so many people are dying to be with you, know you, make you laugh or just have you look at them the way they look at you. The simple fact is that you are not interested and need more than just your average man. If you consider yourself one of the better ones, you deserve someone to reciprocate that and be also, one of the better ones.

So here are your options: One, turn around and notice the people noticing you. Give them a chance, because maybe you’ll find out they are actually someone who is worth it. Someone who is good enough for you. Two, think you’re over-estimating yourself and fall into a hole of self-pity and insecurity (I would not suggest that one). The third, which personally I would aim for, is to keep going. The long wait and search will be worth it in the end when you find someone who sees exactly what you see in yourself and more.

Sure, you’re asking for a lot, but if that’s what you truly deserve, then keep asking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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