People Who Smoke Marijuana Every Day: 8 Reasons You Should Take A 30-Day Break

I’m currently 23, and have been smoking daily since I was 16. I grew up in Alaska, where marijuana’s decriminalized, so it’s very easy to obtain. I now reside in Colorado, (did not move for the weed — I wasn’t even aware they were legalizing it when I transferred colleges, but it was awesome when I found out) where you can literally turn it into an errand. Grocery store, Staples, Evergreen Apothecary, bank. A typical Sunday in CO.
Dank Depot
Dank Depot

1. You’ll learn how to fall asleep sober, again.

The 3-day hump had anxiety filled nights, and I ended up having to take Benadryl, because even when I fell asleep I couldn’t stay asleep. After the first week everything went back to normal, and it feels great to have control over myself again.

2. You’ll feel more in control.

Not being dependent on a substance to feel tired, or hungry feels healthy, which in turn brightens your mood.

3. You get to feel every emotion and learn how to deal with it, rather than lighting up to fix your mood.

Whenever I was in a bad mood, I would smoke to “fix” it, and it always made me feel like an addict, because I would be in a sour mood, take a hit, and turn into the life of the party, it really creeped me out, and made me really paranoid regarding how it made people around me feel. Now, I can get over things just because they’re petty and I want to get over them, it really makes me feel more like myself. It’s part of the reason I recommend a 30 day break, instead of something shorter, because you really get to relearn your life and how to deal with things naturally. Also in those 30 days, you’re likely to feel your full range of emotions, and how to deal with them on your own.

4. No more overeating.

I used to smoke before a meal (obviously), and after a meal, because I would overeat all the time, and smoking would make me feel less like I was going to explode.

5. Vacations are so much more fun.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely go through withdrawal, headaches, not being as fun, less talkative. Luckily, you can find weed just about anywhere, and being a cute girl helps a lot. But now I don’t have to worry about tracking someone down the first day (especially if it’s a family oriented function, awwwkwarrd). Also, hands down eating is the best part about being on vacation, now you can since you’re not withdrawing.

6. Increased productivity.

I wouldn’t be writing this if I hadn’t decided to take this break, for the obvious reason that I wouldn’t realize all these great benefits, but also the fact that I don’t write at all when I’m high. I also tend to find reasons to smoke earlier and earlier, whether it’s, the semesters over and I deserve to, or simply the fact that it’s Saturday. Everything’s a reason, and I don’t get jack shit done, I would always just watch T.V. Now I look for things to do because watching T.V. isn’t as enthralling sober.

7. You’ll probably be a better driver.

Due to a less clouded head.

8. No more meaningless fights with your boy/girlfriend/Mom/brother.

Usually marijuana makes you want to fight less, but when I’m high I tend to read into things, and get carried away. Then, once we start fighting I get lost, and become unable to make proper connections to things, and that pisses everyone off. Ugh. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Shannon M. Hoffman is an American writer currently residing in Denver, CO and attending Metropolitan State University of Denver as a Journalism major. She can be found on Twitter (@bitchnwolfshirt) and on Instagram (@ffukc).

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