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This Is The Best Way To Practice Self-Care According To Your Moon Sign

Most people know their sun sign, but the moon sign is equally important. The moon influences our feelings and emotions. It’s all about self-care and empowerment.

If you don’t know your moon sign, calculate it here.

Aries Moon

You are pulled towards independence, originality, and being unique.

Self-Care: Time alone

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Power Affirmation: I know what I want.

Taurus Moon

You are pulled towards enjoying the Earth, indulging the five senses, and treating yourself.

Self-Care: Cooking a meal

Power Affirmation: I am worthy.

Gemini Moon

You are pulled towards ideas, humor, and stimulation.

Self-Care: Watching YouTube

Power Affirmation: I am free.

Cancer Moon

You are pulled towards caring for those you love.

Self-Care: Taking a bath.

Power Affirmation: I deserve my own love.

Leo Moon

You are pulled towards creativity, self-acceptance, and passion.

Self-Care: Dancing

Power Affirmation: I am full of creative potential.

Virgo Moon

You are pulled towards healing, helping, and finding solutions.

Self-Care: Gardening

Power Affirmation: I am healing.

Libra Moon

You are pulled towards relationships, caretaking, and justice.

Self-Care: Journalling

Power Affirmation: I honor my relationship to self.

Scorpio Moon

You are pulled towards truth, thrills, and intimacy.

Self-Care: Energy work (for example, reiki)

Power Affirmation: I trust my intuition.

Sagittarius Moon

You are pulled towards learning, optimism, and adventure.

Self-Care: Reading

Power Affirmation: Anything is possible.

Capricorn Moon

You are pulled towards responsibility, hard work, and self-sufficiency.

Self-Care: Planning your week.

Power Affirmation: I am enough.

Aquarius Moon

You are pulled towards collaboration, intelligence, and innovation.

Self-Care: Teamwork.

Power Affirmation: I am open to new ideas.

Pisces Moon

You are pulled towards mysticism, dreams, and empathy.

Self-Care: Meditation or Yoga

Power Affirmation: I am love.

Now that you know your Moon sign, notice if you feel pulled towards its themes. Work with your Moon sign’s energy by taking time for self-care and speaking, writing, or reading your power affirmation.

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