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The 3 Major Reasons Why You Need To Know Your Moon Sign

The sun has stolen the show over recent years, but the moon’s story and what sign it was in when you were born is super important. The sun represents our conscious awareness. It’s the things we perceive, understand, and come naturally to us. It’s a masculine energy that’s geared towards taking action and seeing results.

The moon is an entirely different story.

The moon symbolizes the feminine.

She’s the fluid parts of your energy.

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She’s your sensitivities, feelings, and emotions.

The moon is connected to water and influences the tides. As humans, our bodies are made of water. Therefore the moon affects each person on Earth. The majority of the planet is water. The majority of our bodies are water; therefore, the moon is a big deal and worth talking about.

Although we probably all know our sun signs, here are three reasons why it’s so important to know your Moon sign as well.

1. The Moon Is The Undercurrent Of Our Lives

Looking out at the ocean, we can’t always see an undercurrent. But as soon as we get into the water, we feel its pull.

Our moon sign represents the pull of our feelings, emotions, and souls. If we can understand which way the current is flowing, navigating life’s streams becomes easier.

Lifeguard’s tell you not to swim against a rip current. Instead, we have to surrender to its power. The moon sign is the same. When we know the themes of our moon sign, we can let its power take us, instead of fighting against it.

2. The Moon Influences Our Moods

Have you ever noticed heightened emotions during a full moon? Or have you felt tired during a new moon? Like our moods, the moon is always changing. Because the moon influences our emotions, understanding our moon sign can help navigate our sensitivities.

When we understand our moon sign, we learn how to self nurture. Instead of forcing ourselves to feel a certain way, the moon sign can show us our emotional needs. From there, we can create self-care rituals and routines geared towards our personal moon sign.

3. The Moon Unlocks Our Power

The moon’s symbolism is like water, and water gives life to everything on Earth. The moon represents the feminine, and we all come from the womb. Therefore learning our moon sign can help to unlock our divine feminine power.

The moon’s energy is subtle, like a whisper. We aren’t always going to hear what she has to say. When we know our moon sign, we can better communicate with our emotions. From this place, we can embrace our feelings and feminine nature.

When we work with the energy of our moon sign, we open a river of creation. Whether we want to create a baby, a book, or a new lifestyle, connecting to our moon sign can offer guidance and support along the way.

The moon sign can be our guide, helping us to navigate life’s currents, embrace our ever-changing moods, and step into our power.

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