10 Life Lessons I Learned From Living In New York City

blvdone / (Shutterstock.com)
blvdone / (Shutterstock.com)

As I board a one-way flight to begin my next chapter in San Francisco and think back on my time here in New York, it feels only fitting to create a Top 10 list of NY life lessons. Here’s to you, you crazy, beautiful, absolutely wonderful city:


As a New Yorker, the first thing you learn is how to navigate—how to keep up on the sidewalk, how to balance on the subway. Uptown, Downtown, east and west. Once you get going, you never stop. And if you must stop, you’d never wait on the sidewalk. You’re in the street and that WALK signal is meaningless.


The morning subway commute is your “me” time. Headphones in, subway face on, silence other than the train announcements. Sometimes this is the most “alone time” you’ll have all day.


You’ve never had pizza, bagels, or a truly legit brunch until you’ve had them in NY. This isn’t up for discussion.


New Yorkers are actually quite friendly, but they have an extremely low tolerance for idiot behavior. Be that guy, and they’ll happily reinforce their stereotype upon you.


Times Square is every resident’s idea of hell on Earth. You’d even take 5th Avenue on any given parade day just to avoid it.


There’s a reason that subway car is empty, and you definitely do not need to find out. Trust the herd.


You are spoiled for life. Some cities may come close, but they’ll never quite be New York.


Advertising isn’t exactly like Mad Men led you to believe, but you’ll work with fun, talented, fantastic people who will shape your career and life forever. And you’ll never go thirsty.


If you’re as lucky as I have been, your life in NY really can mirror Friends or How I Met Your Mother. Friends become family, and the most unforgettable memories and unbreakable bonds can be formed.


If you embrace it, this city will allow you every opportunity to chase your dreams, to explore, to push the boundaries, to laugh, to love, to grow up, and to act younger than your age. New York will raise you up and it will put you in your place when you deserve it. And in the end, what they say is true…if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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