This Is For The Ones Who Get Called ‘No Fun’

“No fun” is a term coined by those who are capable of only having a certain type of fun, typically partying. The people who throw the irrelevant name “no fun” around are often the ones who are the most bored in life unless they are surrounded by tons of people that probably aren’t even significant to them (it’s a numbers thing).

Let me first tell you this: Fun is a loose word used to describe enjoyment or amusement. There are not specific activities that are strictly defined as fun. This noun is defined only in the eyes of the beholder. You decide what is fun and what is not fun based on your own preferences. This means that other people cannot define fun for you, and they also cannot decide that you are not fun because you don’t enjoy the same things as them.

There is a reason, though, that you don’t get called “no fun” if you won’t go hiking or to the lake. There is a reason that you get called “no fun” only when it revolves around activities like parties and whatever else they entail. It’s because it causes guilt. It makes you feel bad and pressured to do things when someone who seems to have a lot of friends and goes out every weekend calls you “no fun”. It makes you want to do things you don’t enjoy so that maybe you can be like them or feel like them.

But let me tell you something else: You don’t want to be like them. People who respect others’ boundaries and values don’t go around calling people “no fun” for having different interests. People who have different interests rather than simply partying all of the time also do not go around calling people “no fun” because they know what it is like to enjoy other things. You are fun even if you do not enjoy partying all of the time or at all. There are innumerable things in life that bring people enjoyment. Finding your passions and what makes you truly happy is much more important than doing things you don’t really like in order to fit certain standards you believe there are. There are no standards in the word fun, there are no requirements for what is fun or what is more fun than something else. Spending an entire day doing only the things that you love will make you way happier than doing something only because someone says that you are “no fun” for not doing it. Your worth and who you are has absolutely nothing to do with how others view you. Your worth and who you are is not in any way defined by someone else’s definition of fun.

So, the next time you get called “no fun”, remember who you’re talking and leave. Leave and go do something right in that moment that brings genuine enjoyment to you. I promise you, doing whatever someone is calling you “no fun” for won’t make you happier and it won’t make you feel like more of a person. The most important thing to do in life is wake up everyday and find your happiness—not someone else’s happiness, but your happiness. I guarantee that someone who is so easily able to call you “no fun” is truly not happy themselves.

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