All The Heartbreak Is Leading You To The Person Who Will Love You

Being cheated on changes your outlook on people drastically. It makes you scared and skeptical. It makes you worry about every boy who comes after the one who cheated on you. Your heart gets a little hard because you know the last time it was soft, it was used and hung out to dry.

You get into a couple flings after having been cheated on but they all end up the same way: they become nothing more than a fling and the guy decides what he really wants after dragging you along for a couple months, then ghosts you. And you’re left right back where you started, scared and skeptical because at this point it seems that you have never been able to see a guy’s true intentions until it’s too late. After a while it all starts to feel like there’s no one out there for you.

That’s where you’re wrong.

Because although it feels like after all this time no one is going to love you the way you wish to be loved, you are that much closer to the person that will. Each little heartbreak and fling is leading you right into the hands of the one person that is going to know how to love you the way you should be loved.

Don’t fear the heartbreak, don’t let the heartbreak turn you cold. Don’t run from the little flings and every guy in between, let them happen, for each time you are learning a little more about the way you wish to be loved and cherished. Take your heartbreak as a blessing in disguise.

There is someone out there who will love you the way you wish to be loved, I can promise you that. After so much time this person is going to feel like magic. They are going to feel almost surreal. You’ll wonder how they ever came along and how it’s possible for them to make you feel a way you haven’t felt in so long.

But I will warn you: don’t let this feeling make your heart turn hard again. Don’t get scared that it isn’t real. Don’t let your hard heart run yourself away from this person. They will feel so different.

This person is going to love you right, and with each passing day they are going to turn that hard heart of yours back to soft. And they will teach you what it means to truly be loved. You will soon realize that all that pain and all of those tears led you right to them. You will be so thankful your heart was broken because standing right in front of you will be the one person who will make sure you know what love really is.

So let your heart break be your heart break and don’t let your heart get too hard. Settle for nothing less than the boy who will make your heart soft again. He’s out there. I promise.

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