The Real Problem With Having A Big Heart

Being big-hearted isn’t a bad thing. Until it is. Until you let yourself become emotionally and mentally exhausted giving your heart to other people. Until everyone realizes you will always give your heart to them. This is the problem with having a big heart, it might be big, but we forgot to save some room for ourselves.

It’s a never-ending and vicious cycle. We tear ourselves apart, giving every piece of our hearts to people who walk away with it. Leaving nothing left behind to pick ourselves with when they walk out. We go on like this forever because it isn’t in us to walk away like they did.

The truth is, we let ourselves get walked all over. We let ourselves get walked all over because our big hearts and kind minds seem to ignore the flaws in other people. We ignore these flaws that make it so clear our efforts are not being reciprocated, and we continue to give to them. We give second chances to people who are really on their fifth, sixth, and seventh chance.

It’s toxic.

But we have big hearts and the love we give is always more than we receive, and what more do we know?

That’s the problem with having a big heart. Plain and simple: we give more love than we receive and most times we even expect to not receive anything back. And once we have exhausted everything in our hearts and minds to other people, it’s gone. There isn’t anything left for ourselves when we need it the most and that’s what causes so much pain.

So what do we do?

Because we can’t simply stop acting and speaking with our hearts, that would feel wrong. It isn’t a bad thing to act and speak with our hearts, in fact, we shouldn’t let this tough world make our hearts smaller.

So here’s what we do:

We continue to give out our love and be big-hearted in life. But we must recognize the moment our actions are not being reciprocated, and we must recognize when we are beginning to exhaust what is within us to another person. When we reach these points, we have to stop. We have to let go. No longer can we continue to push past the limits in our hearts and give every ounce to other people. We must save some for ourselves.

Don’t let your heart be your downfall. Stay big-hearted and know when the wrong people are taking too much from you. There is no one in this world that deserves your love and attention more than yourself.

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