An Ode To You, Fuckboys

Abdiel Ibarra

O to my first fuck boy,

Oh how your words gave me thrills

and your soon to be false promises gave me chills.

You whispered sweet nothings in my ear.

Oh how you told me to close my mouth

then open my legs, said I have nothing to fear.

O to you

For you shattered me.

O to my first love

For you dealt with my infatuation for said fuck boy.

For when I finally found you as my lover

You were inexperience and raw.

I had grown mature enough to know what I wanted

however for you didn’t know anything.

O to you for I am your loss.

O to my reflection

For you lied to your self.

For you know it pains me to see truth about my self.

In puddles and mirrors and glass I see you.

O to you for you haunt me.

O to my soul,

For you need to grow.

They didn’t lie. They warned before.

But you wanted to be selfish and wanted so much  more.

You knew what he wanted before he spoke a word.

You knew what he wasn’t when he was trying to be heard.

You lied to yourself believing you were good.

They can’t hurt you they never could.

For you were your enemy this whole time.

O to you for you are lost and damned. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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