9 Notes For My Future Daughter

I am writing this because I am so scared for you. Growing older is indeed as painful as any adult will tell you, and this is what I wish I knew when I was a young woman.

1. Loyalty is everything. Only give it to those that have earned it.

2. Unfortunately love, like alcohol, is a mother. Men and boys alike will swear love to you, not even to get in your pants, but to keep you waiting in the wings while they run around and chase their newest fascination. They know you are the girl they could take home, but they’re not going home at 22. You are my daughter and you are greatness and I expect you to never be a doormat at any time in your life.

3. I have worked very hard for someone who is 21. I hope I have given you an easier life like your grandfather tried his best to give me.

4. If you need something or even if you’ve made a small mistake while away at school, call me immediately. I can’t promise not to yell, but I know I should have called your grandfather more than I did. I felt like the smallest misstep would make me an idiot in his mind, but he always reinforced how he believed in me. I will always believe in you.

5. Live your life, I have let too much stop me from living mine.

6. Your pseudo aunts and uncles will never miss a chance to tell the stories of how I didn’t want you. They will omit that I only would want you if I wouldn’t struggle with you financially, emotionally, and mentally. I’ve witnessed so much selfishness when it comes to “what’s best for kids.” You are here, which means I must of really moved mountains to have you.

7. Diversity is beautiful. I have so many friends, acquaintances, and exes who look and are extremely different from one another. It’s been my natural advantage in life. Understanding people without being so hostile and close minded is a gift I will ensure you have.

8. There is a good chance you are my only child. Hopefully I can give you a sibling because your aunt is a Rockstar. You kind of need someone who always stands in your corner against your parents and the world. She’s a strength that I can draw from and someone I can always count on.

9. Finally, just breathe. It’ll all be better in the morning, and if it isn’t, you should be happy I’m a great cook. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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