Date Someone Who Makes You Feel Loved

Date Someone Who Makes You Feel Loved

Date someone who makes you feel loved. Always.

Date someone who makes you feel loved. You might think you want a “bad boy,” or a “bad ass” but you don’t. Not really. Because someone like that is no more than someone who can never give you everything you want. And deep down, there’s a part of you that doesn’t truly believe you deserve everything. But you do.

Date someone who makes you feel loved. The one who gives you excitement, adventure, and magic; but also a sense of calm. A relationship shouldn’t feel like you’re on a never ending roller coaster, and you’re waiting to get off so you can throw up. It should feel more like a road trip, where neither of you quite know where you want to end up. So date the one who feels sure and steady. Because it’s not boring to date a person who you can count on.

Date someone who makes you feel loved. When you’ve got morning breath, and a huge spot on your forehead. When you’re lounging around the house in sweats, and elegantly stuffing pizza into your mouth. When you give birth, and your belly stays rounder and squishier than before. When you drop a dress size, or go up one. When you get sick, and all your hair falls out. When you’re 25, and when you’re 75. No matter what you look like, date someone who always makes you feel beautiful, and loved.

Date someone who makes you feel loved. The one who always shows up. Whether it’s your first date, or your hundredth. The one who picks up the phone whenever you call, even if it’s the middle of the night and they’re playing in dreamland. The one who makes it to all those family events you don’t even enjoy that much yourself, because they know it’s important to you that they’re there by your side. The one who is ready to swoop in anytime you or your loved ones are in need. The one who will be there at 3am, waiting to drive you home after a night out with the girls. The one who is always there, and always will be.

Date someone who makes you feel loved. The one who does everything they can to make you feel loved, every day. The one who brews you a cup of green tea in the morning, just the way you like it. The one who asks you if you’re okay, when they see any sign of tension on your face or in your voice. The one who sends flowers to your door on a Wednesday, just because they love you. The one who still holds the door open for you, and lets you walk through first, even thirty years later. The one who pulls silly faces and tickles you to cheer you up when you’re sad.

Date someone who makes you feel loved. The one who genuinely loves you, with every inch of their soul. The one who doesn’t try and hide it, not even on day one. The one who opens their heart to you, and has never closed it. The one who will answer any question you have, with absolute kindness and honesty. The one who you always know where you stand with, because they want to tell you so you feel safe, loved, and at peace.

Date someone who makes you feel loved. The one who, even when you argue, does it with nothing but fierce passion, love, and respect. The one who will always apologise if your feelings get hurt, even when it wasn’t anyone’s fault. The one who always wants to kiss and make up before you go to bed, because they can’t stand you being mad at him.

Date someone who makes you feel loved.

And the truth of it is, you always know. Your heart always knows when it feels genuine love, and when it feels unsure. That voice inside you – your inner wisdom – knows if they’re gonna break your heart, or if they’re going to give you everything you desire and dream of.

So trust yourself. Believe you deserve someone who makes you feel loved. Because you do.

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