To My Fellow Goddesses—This Is Where Your Power Lives

To My Fellow Goddesses—This Is Where Your Power Lives

There is power in embracing your divine feminine energy. Instead of trying to be more like him, you stand rooted in the earth of this world, nourished by the rays of the sun and the glow of the moon. You sink into the cyclical flow of nature; just as the tide rises, then falls.

There is power in embracing your softness, and remaining calm and collected when others raise their voice. You, instead, can raise your vibration.

There is power in looking to the Ancient Goddesses that used to walk barefoot where you now stand; their hearts, minds, and wombs worshipped by all. Because in knowing where you truly came from and understanding the gifts that have been birthed with you as a woman, you will live empowered.

There is power in choosing to curve and to swirl in this life, instead of trying to straighten your lines to be more direct, and angled.

There is power in honoring your sacred intuition when it whispers to you, and following that inner knowing, even when it doesn’t quite make sense to those around you.

There is power in bathing under the moonlight, as she lights up the dark blanket sky at night. There is magic in being in tune with her lunar cycle, and getting in tune with your own sacred cycle.

There is power in nurturing your loved ones, and showering kindness and compassion like confetti wherever you go; on whomever, you meet. I want you to know this does not make you weak, or less than, or replaceable. This power not only allows you to take care of others, but it allows you to fully love and care for yourself.

There is power in drawing on your inner masculine when you need to speak up when you need to call someone out, and when you need to release what’s been building and bubbling within.

There is power in living a life that is true to you and your make-up. When you allow your emotions to bleed freely, you spill your heart to strangers, and you take off that armor that has been weighing you down for far too long. Your power is in your openness, and your authenticity.

Goddess – your power lives inside of you. This is where it has always, and will always be. Your power was sewn into the seeds from which you were given life. It flows through your veins, it cocoons your bones, and it blooms in your heart.

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