This Is The Secret Joy In Treating Your Mondays Like Fridays

I’ve been waking up with a contentedness in my belly, and a skip in my step, as my alarm sings its song at 5AM every Monday.

And I still remember how the dread of Mondays used to bleed its way into the Sundays that were meant to be my own.

I’ve been starting my day by sitting peacefully in a quiet room, and meditating for twenty beautiful minutes; instead of rushing around like a hot mess.

My mornings are now filled with deep breaths, a list of 12 things I’m grateful for, pages of journaling with a hot mug of green tea in hand, and planning how I really want to spend the rest of my day.

The tornado of panic, fear, and stress, has been replaced with a slowness, a stillness, and a real sense of purpose.

I’ve been riding on the back of a scooter and heading to the beach in Bali before the sun rises. Making footprints in the sand, surfing the ocean’s gentle waves, and allowing the words to flow freely to me, instead of forcing them.

I’ve been sitting in bed, typing furiously away on my laptop, un-showered and un-dressed at noon.

I’ve been feeling tidal waves of gratitude, and love for the life I now get to live.

I’ve been blaring out cheesy 90s pop songs at 9am and dancing around the kitchen while I wait for my tea to brew.

I’ve been laying my head down on my pillow in the middle of the day, if and when my body tells me it needs to rest because I believe in health over hustle.

I’ve been getting lost in the days of the week because Mondays and Saturdays blend to a shade of the same. And every day I get to wake up and make my own choices, my own decisions, and live life on my own terms.

I’ve gotten rid of bullshit team meetings where nothing gets done, and mind-numbing tasks that I loathed doing. I no longer get sent to make cups of teas for people who wear a title on their name badge thinking that makes them better, or entitled to such privilege.

I’ve been sitting down and having soul meetings with my business. Because she is her own life force, and I need her to guide me on the rest of this journey we’re going on together.

I’ve been eating banana ice cream for breakfast, going for late night pudding dates after dark, and filling up on cake and buttercream and rich, hot chocolaty milk.

Because why the fuck not?

I’ve been sweating like crazy in 42-degree Bikram yoga classes, and building strength in the muscles that envelope my bones, as well as the willpower of my mind.

I’ve been switching my phone to airplane mode, refusing to open my inbox, and fiercely protecting my mornings for my heart’s work.

I’ve been getting dressed in crop tops, beachy playsuits, and evening gowns, and sitting down to work at my “desk” (a rotation of the sofa, the kitchen table, and my bed).

I’ve been letting go of the need to brush my hair, conceal the bags under my eyes, and put my contact lenses in every day, and only doing those things when I really want to. Because the dress code here is: if you look in the mirror and love what you see, you’re ready to go.

I’ve been sitting in my cozy thatch-roofed villa, walking a couple steps down to the pool, and diving in to give myself a break when I feel like it.

I’ve been thinking about where else in the world I’d like to explore, booking a plane ticket, packing up my single suitcase, and making it happen.

I’ve been saying yes only to the things that set my soul alight and letting go of guilt when I want to say no.

I’ve been having a glass of wine with my lunch if I feel like it, and not worrying if my colleagues are going to judge me for it, even though we’re all grown-ass adults.

I’ve been investing my money back into my own growth, and my business. Taking as many workshops, courses, and classes I can get my hands on. Because when you’re learning stuff you actually give a shit about, a funny thing happens – it becomes really enjoyable. Totally unlike school and most jobs we choose to work.

I’ve been closing my laptop at 5PM sharp every day, no matter what, and taking an hour to move my body. And I’ve been switching everything off by 9PM, picking a book up, and allowing my mind genuine time to relax.

I’ve been thinking about what my perfect Monday looks like, then living it, instead of wishing the days away, and celebrating the arrival of Friday.

I’ve been celebrating my Mondays, and I invite you to do the same. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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