17 Reasons Why You Should Always Listen To Your Heart

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1. Your heart has all of the answers to all of the questions you have ever had, and ever will have. Next time you find yourself lost or unsure, try looking inwards.

2. Everything you are can be found in your heart. You see, you are already whole, no matter what society tries to tell you. Nothing you buy or get will ever add to your wholeness.

3. Your head is always lying to you, and runs on fear, but in your heart is where you’ll find your truth. The heart won’t always tell you what you want to hear, but it never lies.

4. Your heart is connected to your spirit and knows what you want before you know it.

5. Your brain lives in the past and the future, while your heart is very much in the present. Do you want to get caught up in what’s been and gone or is yet to happen, or do you want to live in this moment right here, right now?

6. The heart is love. Everything you do, say, and create from your heart will be laced in love. And the world can always feel that love as it pours into their own hearts.

7. You might be unsure of what you hear, and have no idea where this path is leading you, but there is always a bigger picture at work. Believe that everything is connected in some weird and wonderful way.

8. Maybe you don’t know what you really want in life, but your heart knows different.

9. Listening to your brain is the safe option, but without a little risk there is no reward. Would you rather live a life of safety or a meaningful one?

10. When you allow your heart to have its say, instead of trying to drown those whispers out, they will grow stronger, louder, and clearer over time.

11. Your heart is actually linked to more parts of your body than your brain is. So it can really feel things physically, as well as emotionally.

12. That “gut feeling” or intuition you get in your body is your heart at work, picking up on the tiniest of vibrations, energy, and feelings that are coursing through your entire being.

13. If you allow your brain to rule your life, you might end up living a half-life and missing out on your true calling here on earth, because your brain can’t process your intuition. Is it really worth the risk?

14. Your mind will always be looking forward to the next thing, but in your heart you can find contentment, and you can find peace. Which is what most of us spend our whole lives searching for out there – if only we knew to look in here.

15. Listening to your heart may not be the path of least resistance, and it may not end in the outcome you were hoping for. But at least you will never have to live with those “what if?” feelings that can haunt you for a lifetime.

16. Following your heart will help you figure out what truly matters to you, and what doesn’t. You will begin to understand your soul on a much higher level, and start to live your life at the same level.

17. Your head won’t tell you if you’re traveling way off course, but you can bet that your heart will. Your heart won’t rest until you are on the path of your true course. TC mark

Shani Jayawardena

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