Here’s To The Men Who Are Strong Enough To Love And Respect Women

Here’s to the men who are man enough to love and respect women

Here’s to the men who are redefining what it means to be a real man today; challenging the way it is and the way it always has been. Because the way it is isn’t good enough, and they know they can do and be better.

The men who see women as human beings, instead of objects made for their gratification. The ones who refrain from talking about them like cuts of meat to be enjoyed with a glass of red, but never treasured for more than one meal.

To the men who know better than to whistle, pinch, masturbate at and follow women, who never asked for their attention. The men who keep their hands to themselves, and allow women to feel comfortable in their company.

The men who know that women’s bodies are their own, not property to be viewed, bought or sold as they choose.

Here’s to the men who are disturbed by the current stats of 1 in 6 women being sexually assaulted at some point in their lives. The ones who realize, just as we do, that the real number is far higher; and the ones who want to be a part of the solution.

To the men who understand that no means no, not try harder stupid. The ones who don’t need alcohol or drugs to lure a woman into sleeping with them. The ones who know they can’t have any woman they want and are okay with that.

Here’s to the men who aren’t selfish in bed. The ones who want to go down, and care about her orgasm as much as their own. The ones who don’t go to sleep until she has got hers.

The men who understand that porn is fictional, often created by men for men, and that’s not the way two people who love and respect each other have sex. The men who know that going to strip clubs and paying for sex is just another way to oppress women, regardless of whether they are choosing to do that work or not.

Here’s to the men who raise their daughters no differently to the way they raise their sons, and refuse to throw the words, “like a girl,” as an insult. The ones who always respect their girlfriends and wives, no matter what. Because they want their sons to do the same, and they want their daughters to know this is how a man should treat a woman.

The men who celebrate and acknowledge that they were carried safely for nine whole months, nourished lovingly and then birthed to life by women. Still knowing that we were put on this earth to do so much more than simply be mothers and carers.

Here’s to the men who call bullshit on bro code. To the ones who will speak out against their fellow men when they see something they know is wrong. The ones who stand up for what they believe in, no matter how much abuse they receive for doing so.

The men who are pissing on the old excuse of “boys will be boys”, and are focusing their efforts on being and raising men.

To the men who understand that being a “good guy” means so much more than being on the right side of the law. The ones who understand that being for women means honoring and respecting them in their presence, as well as their absence.

The men who know better than to make sexist jokes told at a woman’s expense, or entertain anyone who does. The ones who know that there are no laughs to be had when it comes to male chauvinism or rape culture.

Here’s to the men who choose to believe the harrowing stories their women tell them of how they’ve been mistreated and abused at the hands of men. The ones who are willing to sit there and listen, even when it cuts deep.

To the men who admit they have no idea what it’s actually like to be a woman in this world. And the ones who don’t try for a second to tell women how they should feel or think or act.

Here’s to the men who are man enough to love and respect women they know, and the ones they don’t.

Here’s to the real men who fight fiercely to champion women. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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