Fall In Love With Your Fears

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Fall in love with your fears.

Fall in love with all of the things that terrify you from afar. The things that keep you tossing and turning awake at night, when all you want is to drift off into a peaceful slumber. The things you’ve allowed to haunt and taunt you for years, instead of making peace with them.

Fall in love with all of the things that scare and excite you in equal measure. The things you’ve always dreamed of doing but never did, but that little voice inside your head got the better of your heart. Because when you allow that steady beat at the center of your chest to guide you, you’ll find your way to unexpected moments of magic.

Fall in love with the monsters hiding in your closet and under your bed. The ghosts from your past, the times you’d rather forget, and all those not-worthy-enough beliefs you’ve picked up along your way, and forgotten how to put back down. Because once you love them, you give them permission to leave. So hug them tightly today.

Fall in love with the not knowing. Because how fucking boring would this life be if you knew what was going to happen? If you knew, would you even bother doing anything? Enjoy the twists in the road, the unexpected dead ends, and the unlimited directions you can steer in. Because you might not know it, but these are the moments that make life so incredibly special. These are the moments in which we truly feel alive.

Fall in love with the idea of death. The idea that our time here is limited, because only when you fully comprehend this will you begin to live it to the fullest. And I mean really start living, instead of just existing. I once heard there’s a one in 400 trillion chance of each us being born. Fall in love with that, and realise you being here in this moment was no accident. When you learn to love this limited window of opportunity, you quickly learn what’s important to you, and what you can easily let go of. Your loved ones might not always be around to hug you or tell you they love you, but who knows where they’ve gone to? Maybe it’s someplace even better than this one.

Fall in love with rejection. Because it doesn’t have to be about you. Rejection can be life’s way of steering you away from anything that was never meant to be yours, so that it can guide you towards all of the wonderful things that were created just for you. One person exits, another one enters. One door closes, and another always opens.

Fall in love with your problems. They might suck and you might wish they didn’t exist, but they exist for a reason. There is a lesson in there somewhere. There is always a lesson. What is the universe trying to teach you? How can you use this as fuel for your own growth? When you look for the opportunities in all of your problems. you’ll start to notice them.

Fall in love with everything that frustrates you. Every rude waiter you’ve ever been served by. Every asshole who broke your heart. Every boss who drove you crazy and you tried your best to avoid. Because there is an invisible mirror standing between you, and all of them. There is something you see within them, that you see within yourself. And when you get to a place where you can learn to love all of these people without judgment, you can finally learn to love yourself without judgment.

Fall in love with your fears, the problems that plague you, and the worries that riddle you to your core. Fall in love with all of it, because there is no one on this earth who lives without them. You think they shouldn’t exist, but that’s the very reason why they have such a hold on you. If you’re always using your energy to get rid of something, you’re unconsciously inviting more of it into your world.

So if you’re going to fall in love with anything, let it be your fears, your problems, and your frustrations. This was never meant to become a war inside you, so please, make peace with them today. TC mark

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