29 Reasons Why I Absolutely Love You

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1. You took things slow when we first started dating, and I never even knew what that looked like until I met you.

2. You always point out a bump or pothole in the pavement, so I don’t trip over and scrape my knees.

3. Because of the way you hug me close to you when we’re in bed, like you never want to let me go. And sometimes, it’s a little too tight, but I don’t want to let you go either.

4. You say sorry even when it’s me who started the fight, because you don’t care who was right or wrong, you just want to call a truce.

5. Because you believe in my dreams, and you encourage me to think bigger, even when I think I’ve already reached the stars.

6. I love you because you didn’t kiss me on our first date, when every other guy kissed me before there was a date.

7. You didn’t call me crazy when I told you I wanted to quit my job and change careers. You supported me, you guided me, you listened to me, and you loved me the whole time.

8. You always make time to see my (slightly crazy) family and spend time with them, because you know how important they are to me.

9. And you always do more than your fair share of the dishes because you know I can’t stand washing up.

10. You tell me the food I cook you is amazing, and you always finish it, even when it’s totally not!

11. Meeting you for the first time is one of those moments I can point to and say, “That altered the direction of my whole life.”

12. I love you for swiping right!

13. You are always the first person I want to share any exciting (or extremely dull) news with. It really doesn’t matter what it is, I just want to share it all with you.

14. Because we’ve travelled through different towns, countries, and continents together, and we’ve managed not to annoy the hell out of each other (for the most part). We’re stronger than ever, and I know there’s nothing we cannot survive together.

15. You carry my suitcase around for me (even though it’s bright pink) so I don’t have to struggle with it.

16. I love you because you were my first boyfriend ever, and I want nothing more than for you to be my last.

17. Because I know in my heart that our paths were destined to cross, and we were always meant to shape each other’s lives.

18. You love cheese, chocolate, and pizza as much as I do.

19. You always know when something’s wrong, and nine times out of 10 you manage to make everything right again.

20. And because of that cute little cry for help you make when I tickle you in just the right spot, at the side of your belly.

21. I love you because you’re patient with me, always.

22. Because you call yourself dreamy, and even though it makes me laugh, you really are the man I dreamed of finding.

23. I get to do this crazy thing called life with you by my side, and that turns something that was already incredible into nothing short of a miracle.

24. You grip my hand during takeoff and landing, and I know that if these turned out to be my last moments on this earth, I’d leave in peace.

25. Because with you, I don’t feel the need to pretend. I don’t need to wear a mask. I don’t need to be anyone for you, other than myself, and she is who you find the most beautiful.

26. Hearing the softness and sweetness in your voice soothes me, and makes me feel like everything is going to be okay.

27. You do all that you possibly can to make me happy, and to stop my tears flooding when I’m hurt.

28. I’ve spent every day for the past 184 days with you, and there hasn’t been a single one when I wished we were apart.

29. But most of all I love you

because neither of us say the words “I love you,”

but I am a woman who has never felt more loved. TC mark

Shani Jayawardena

I hold a mirror to your soul, so you can see how beautiful you are


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