You Deserve A Love That Feels Like Home

You know when you’re wondering what love is supposed to feel like?

When you’re wondering how will you know this is your person? The one you’re meant to do life with.

It won’t just be a deep, unspoken love that you share. It’ll be a home.

Not the kind that sits two up, two down, with a cute little driveway, and a beautiful, petal pink rose garden out back.

I mean home. 

You deserve a love that feels like home.

When you travel to new cities, countries, and continents. And it doesn’t matter if you find yourself baking on the white sands of Sri Lanka, sleeping under a twinkling blanket of stars in Iceland, or trekking through dense tropical jungles in Bali. Because it doesn’t really matter where you are in the world. As long as he’s there by your side, you somehow still feel like you’re home. 

When you’re convinced he’s known you since birth, even though you lived 25 full years without him. But it must be that you were two souls born from the same star.

That moment you randomly wrap your arms around one another on a Sunday morning. For no reason at all other than wanting your heart to be a little closer to his than it was a minute ago.

A love that feels like home is when you feel wholly at ease in their presence. Comfortable in silence and sweatpants. At peace speaking your mind, and sharing little pieces of your heart.

When they’re lounging beside you on the sofa, both of your minds someplace else, and you feel just as cozy as when you’ve got a cup of hot, honey tea snuggled between your hands.

And when the rain is bucketing down on the tin roof, so loud you swear the roof will cave and it’s gonna come flooding in this time. But you feel safe. You know everything will be okay. Because he’s there.

A love that feels like home is when you can spend days, months, or even years apart, and return and feel like it was just yesterday you said your goodbyes. Because nothing will have changed – not really.

When people ask you how you know, and what it feels like, and you can’t quite find the words, because there are no words that do this love justice.

All you can say is when you’re with them, it feels like you’re home.

And it doesn’t matter if the foundations have a little wobble, or the walls start to crack, or everything starts to look a lot less shiny and polished than it was all those years ago. What matters is that you’re both committed to sticking around, and pouring your heart and soul into this home, instead of looking around for a sparkly new one.

And when you know you want to stay in this home you’ve built together, forever. Building, growing, and flourishing for all of the years to come. 

This is what love is supposed to feel like.

And this is how you’ll know.

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Shani Jayawardena

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