Staying With The Wrong Person Is Why You’re Not Finding The Right One

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If you keep holding on to someone who’s not right for you, you won’t give yourself space to find someone who is right.

When you drink what’s toxic, there’s only one way you’re gonna end up – poisoned.

You think you’re doing what’s best for your heart, you think you’re masking your loneliness, and you think this is better than learning to stand on your own.

But it’s not.

Each day you choose to spend with the wrong person, is one day less you get to spend with the right one. How many more days are you prepared to give away?

It might seem better to fill that space in your heart with anyone who vaguely fits than to wait it out, and figure how to fill that space yourself.

But it’s never going to be a fit. And that space was always meant to be filled by you.

Sometimes the world tells us otherwise. It makes us feel like two is always better than one. That we won’t be complete until we find our person.

But you were always meant to be your person.

Why are you in such a rush to see what awaits you out there, when you haven’t taken the time to see what’s in there? In your heart.

Take a long hard look around, because who knows what will be waiting for you?

A book you never knew you’d write. A masterpiece you never believed you could paint. A creation that changes the entire world. A song that captivates the hearts of millions. A cure that saves us from sickness.

And when you find it, you will wonder why you gave away so many of your precious days to someone who did nothing but draw a shadow over your heart.

Someone who kept you from embracing your true colors; someone who made you believe that you had to settle in this life.

What kind of a love is that?

Let go of anything or anyone in your life that you know doesn’t truly fit. Anything that weighs heavy on your heart. Anything that doesn’t feel in flow or at peace within.

Because when you let go, you’re making room to welcome in all that feels incredible.

You’re making it clear to yourself, and the universe, that you’re ready for change. You’re ready to have the honest conversation you don’t want to have. You’re ready to make a painful choice. You’re ready to embrace the unknown and confront all of your deepest fears that have plagued you for far too long.

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