Men Try To Control Us Because They Fear Us

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They saw our potential before we did. So they stifled it.

They beat it out of us, the way that jockeys lash their horses, then try to convince the world that the horses like to be raced. That they need it.

Except they don’t get a say, do they?

And that’s the way some men like it.

They like to dish out orders and have no one question them.

They like to feel in control, all mighty, and above us.

They like living in a world where women serve them, where we are their property, and they hold all the rights to chain us, buy or sell us as they please.

They try to steal our power because they fear the day we realize just how powerful we truly are.

They teach us to live in fear.

Fear of the day when we smile too long at the wrong person. The fear of showing a little too much skin. The fear of not adequately disguising our womanly curves. The fear that at any moment, our body could be taken hostage.

And they make sure we know that if or when it does, it will be our fault.

They batter, bruise, and try to break us, but even they underestimate our inner strength. No matter how hard they hit, we do not break. We stand back up, and we stand tall.

We may wear scars on our skin, but they cannot penetrate our soul.

They know we possess innate, birth-given magic, gifted to us by the ancient Goddesses. It courses through our veins, just like it does our earth. Each of us who believes in it will feel it.

They saw us coming, so they labeled us witches. Evil women who knew spells and hexes; women who should be burned to ashes.

But like the phoenix, we always rise again.

The divine feminine is rising. It is coming for us all, bringing tidal waves of love and freedom, washing away the poisonous control and fear that has leeched and bred for far too long.

Watch us as we take back control of our bodies and our minds.

Watch us as we weather the raging storm that will consume you.

Watch us as we pave our way to freedom.

Watch us as we rise, stronger than this world has ever seen before. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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