This Is What I Hope For You This Year

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I hope you finally wake the fuck up and realise this is your life, you won’t get another, and you win the lottery over and over again every single day you sleepily open your eyes in the morning. Too many have exhaled their last breath much younger than you, were born as sunflowers instead, or are fiercely fighting just to make it through another day. You are a human being, healthy and charged with this magic invisible fuel that for whatever reason, has decided to keep burning for you. I hope you see the miracle in that alone. 

I hope you find the courage deep inside your soul to start living your life on your own terms, instead of how they’ve convinced you to be. Don’t settle for an easy existence, an okay life that all blends into one big blur. Don’t listen to them, don’t allow them to keep you down, trapped in the same life they find themselves blindly wading through. Unplug yourself from the matrix this year, question everything, and battle your way out of the cage to freedom.

I hope you devote yourself to that which you find meaning in, and distance yourself from all that makes your heart feel heavy and aged before your time. I hope you can look back on all of your yesterdays, proud of what you put out into this world, the way you made people feel, and the legacy you’re building to leave behind.

And I hope somewhere along that painful path of the unknown, you realise it was worth it.

It was worth losing people who didn’t truly care about you along the way. It was worth those moments filled with fear and anxiety of where to go next. And it was worth sacrificing happy hour cocktails, and buying a load of fancy shit that never made you happy anyway.

I hope you learn to raise the bar when it comes to everything. The company you keep, how honestly you love, and the respect you harbor for yourself. And I hope you learn the value in walking away from anything that threatens to tumble that bar back down.

Because something inside of you whispers you deserve better. Raise your expectations, and the world will meet you there.

I hope you find love in every pocket of your existence. In the family you often take for granted, in the friends who feel like family, and in the soul mates you’re destined to cross paths with. And I hope you find it daydreaming under those clear blue skies, walking barefoot next to the peaceful waves of the ocean, and in the illuminating stars of the dark night that guide you home. I hope you allow the love that surrounds you every day to fill every crevice of you up, overflowing into the souls you cross paths with. 

I hope something, somewhere inside of you figures out that this whole life thing? It was meant on purpose. You’re here because you’re meant to be here. You matter. The world needs you in it. And I hope you carry that with you in your heart, allowing it comfort and reassure you during times when you need it most. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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