The Truth Is, You Can Choose To Be Happy

Camila Damasio

When you chase happiness, everything that happens as a result is a bonus. The money, fame, power, authority and the freedom. None of these things alone have the power to make you happy.

Chase all of your dreams. The ones that have lived inside your heart since you were little. The ones that people constantly try to talk you out of. The biggest and boldest dreams that scare even you. The ones that will fly you up to cloud nine, overwhelming you with elation, if you make them come true.

Build a life you’re excited to leap out of bed to on a Monday morning. A life that doesn’t have you living for the weekend. A life that isn’t about making enough money so you can retire 50 years later and finally start living.

Live today.

Devote your precious time here to all of those things that light your soul on fire. Maybe it’s writing. Maybe it’s making music. Maybe it’s painting. Whatever it is, do it every single day. Become a master of your craft in the process. Do it with love and pure passion. Do it for no other reason than the joy it brings you. Do it even if you’re not getting paid.

Honour your calling. The reason why you are here. Everyone has their own personal mission. Even if you don’t think you have anything brilliant to offer this world – trust me, you do. And once you figure out what that is, your life will finally make sense. You will be met with new-found meaning. You will be filled with purpose.

Make every second count. Infuse all of your moments with sunshine. Create your own joy even in the most mundane or tiresome of tasks. Find the silver lining even on the darkest of days. Be grateful for all of your blessings, no matter how small.

Because a happy life requires that you choose to be happy.

Chase happiness, everything else is a bonus. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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