10 Reasons Why The Perpetually Single Girl Will Make The Best Girlfriend


1. She has a big heart ready to give to the right person

It’s not that she hasn’t ever desired a relationship, she just hasn’t been lucky enough to find someone worth giving up her single crown for. But her heart is filled with love that she gives selflessly to both her loved ones and total strangers every single day.

If she decides to be your girlfriend, she’ll give the whole of her swollen heart to you from day one.

2. She’s fiercely loyal

Because she has never been the type of girl to dump her friends as soon as any man comes on the scene. Her friends have always come first, hence why she’s been single for so long. And she’ll carry that same loyalty into any romantic relationship – when someone who’s worthy of her precious time shows up.

3. She’s not desperate

The perpetually single girl doesn’t feel like there’s a void in her life that can only be filled by a partner, so she’s extremely picky with who she allows into her world. She doesn’t need a man – in fact she’s learned not to need anyone.

If she’s not 100% sure about you or your intentions she’ll hit pass. And if she picks you, it’s because she sees something incredibly special within your heart.

4. She’s ambitious.

Unlike most of her friends, she has always prioritized her career and her own hobbies and interests. She has BIG goals and dreams and if you’re lucky enough to date her, she’ll encourage you to dream much bigger too.

5. She doesn’t settle.

She doesn’t settle when it comes to finding a man, and she doesn’t settle when it comes to any other part of her life either. Call her high maintenance if you will, but she expects the best from herself and others, because she sees just how good you can be.

She’ll challenge you every day to be a little better than you were yesterday, and you’ll surprise even yourself.

6. She’s a giver.

Throughout her life she has always given. To her family, her friends and anyone else in need, without expecting a dime in return. And she loves the feeling she gets from comforting others and seeing them happy. Everything she does comes from a purely selfless place.

Make her yours and she’ll give you the world and then some.

7. She doesn’t have a type.

By now, the forever single girl has crossed paths with an abundance of different faces, personalities and opinions. She has learned not to judge a book by its cover because people will often surprise you once you get to know them.

When she falls for you rest assured she’s interested in much more than the way you look.

8. She understands what real love is supposed to look like.

Because she took the time to fall madly and deeply in love with herself first. She knows the kind of love she deserves because she gives it to herself every day. And through discovering self-love, she is never short of love to give.

And she’s not the kind of girl who measures her worth by somebody else’s love either. She’s confident, self-assured and won’t take anyone’s shit.

9. She enjoys her own company.

She’s had years of alone time to spend occupied with her own thoughts, so she doesn’t crave the comfort of someone else’s body or mind next to hers.
She’s learned the value of spending that quality time alone, which means she’ll make a point of giving you plenty of your own space too.

10. She still believes in love.

She’s unlikely to have had a serious relationship so far, which means she’s yet to have her heart truly broken. She’s yet to be jaded. She still believes in the good in everybody.

And so she’ll love you like she’s never been hurt before. She’ll wear her heart on her sleeve, bare her soul and give you everything she has to give. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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