10 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Date A Fuckboy At Least Once

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1. You will learn to quickly cut out anything in your life that is toxic. The next time you notice that a relationship is doing nothing but drag you down, making you feel negative and isn’t serving you, you won’t think twice about cutting ties. Because you’ll know that while it might be uncomfortable or difficult for a moment, it’s what’s best for you in the long run.

2. You will get really good at dealing with difficult people. Once you’ve full-on dated an asshole, any casually rude or obnoxious behavior from anybody else becomes a total breeze. You’ll shrug things off, you won’t take anything personally and you’ll know how to smoothly diffuse the situation like a pro.

3. Just for the LOLS. When you’re in the relationship, there won’t be a damn thing to laugh about. But once you remove yourself from it, you’ll look back amused at what a ridiculous excuse for a human being he is. You’ll have the last laugh, because he’s the one who now has to convince someone to never stop dating an asshole.

4. You will never again allow your worth to be determined by anyone but you. You’ll emerge from this relationship far stronger and surer of yourself than when it began. You will see that nobody in this world has the power to make you feel unworthy or like you don’t measure up – not unless you grant them permission to.

5. He will make you see that it’s far better to be alone than with the wrong person. Maybe there was a time when you’d gotten fed-up with the single life and longed for a relationship. But after this, you now see the importance of staying single until you meet someone who is worth giving it up for. And you’d much rather enjoy your own company and spend time loving yourself, than wasting your precious love on someone who doesn’t deserve an ounce of it.

6. Maybe you’ll change him… Chances are you won’t though. We all want to be that girl who holds the power to make him see the error of his ways, and want to be better. But the truth is he has to want to be better for himself.

7. He will make you appreciate the nice guy who walks into your life next. It’s all too easy to lock the nice guy in the friend zone and throw away the key, because what you’re seeking is excitement, adventure and spontaneity – traits that most assholes unfortunately possess. But who says Mr Nice Guy can’t be all of those things too? He will also treat you like a total Goddess because let’s face it, you are one.

8. Your friends and fam will get to say, “I told you so…” And we all know how much everyone loves being right.

9. So you can tell your future daughter you’ve been there, done that, and it totally wasn’t worth the t-shirt. Maybe she’ll take your advice, and maybe she won’t. But at least you will have offered her your wisdom – what happens next will be out of your hands.

10. You will realize you deserve so much better than this dirt bag. And this realization alone is priceless. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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