The Art Of Loving A Writer


Date a girl who writes because she’ll remember the tiniest of details, the nothings that you toss out casually in between your highlights, the exact words you chose and in what order; she’ll remember all of it. She’ll tuck away everything you tell her about yourself, as a bundle of keep safes, without even consciously knowing that she’s doing so. A girl who writes doesn’t want the you that Instagram gets to see, she wants the un-edited picture that you’ll never post.

Admire a girl who writes because her passionately poetic way with words will inspire you when you’re in desperate need of a burst of sunshine yellow to brighten a grey sky kind of day. She finds colour in the strangest of places and beauty in the saddest of faces. She sees when others cannot, because she continues to search until she finds the story she is hoping for. And if she can’t find it, she’ll create it, mixing an ounce of truth and a generous dash of sparkle in her vivid imagination. She is one of the world’s born storytellers. A gift that turns ordinary conversations between the two of you into the most extraordinary ones.

Choose a girl who writes because she will transcribe you in such a way that makes you believe you’re a better man than you ever thought you were. And it is her words that will make you believe in yourself even when others challenge your true character. She’ll write about you when she’s happy. And she’ll write about you when she’s sad. She will write about you more than you know, because you will be infused in her every thought; and scribbling those emotions onto paper is the best way she knows how to make sense of them.
Pursue a girl who writes because although she may not be the most eloquent of speakers, when she takes the proper time to think about her words before letting them out, she will explain her feelings to you like no girl has before. She will feel things much deeper than most, and she’ll try her best to articulate those feelings, to try and make you understand all of those emotions too.

Fall for a girl who writes, because you can count on this girl being vulnerable with you, and sharing her whole heart. She may be guarded at first, yes. But she won’t hold back who she is, and she’s not afraid to bare the entirety of her soul; because she’s already done that with countless numbers of people she’s never even met. She wants more than anything to give you everything.

Stand by a girl who writes because she is braver than even she knows. She fiercely believes in the power of her humble voice, she fights the odds stacked against her, she dreams BIG; and you are the one she will want proudly cheering by her side when all of her dreams come true. When you stand by a girl who writes, she will also fiercely believe in you and your dreams, and she will help to show you the way if you ever find yourself lost; because she has been there many times before, and she knows what the power of someone else believing in you can do.

Should you ever find yourself falling in love with a girl who writes, know that she might not be there quite yet because she needs plenty of time to give her feelings much careful thought, with the help of her head and of course her heart.

And if this girl ever finds herself falling in love with you, rest assured she will cherish you dearly; and know that this is not something she would ever commit to lightly. When she finally falls, she falls forever. Because a girl who writes will never be one to do things in halves.

When you love a girl who writes, you’ll finally know what it’s like to live forever.

Long after you leave her life or this world. We’re all so afraid that everyone will quickly forget us, and that our lives may be destined to join the heap of other insignificant ones that came and went before us. But you, my friend, will live on in the characters conjured inside of her, hand written scrawl-filled journals, heart filled essays, and in the minds of others who read those. She will remember you decades later in the most random of moments, but with such clarity as if she were recalling yesterday. She will tell stories of you to her best friends, and to her children, years from now. Once you fall in love with a girl who writes, goodbye will never really mean goodbye. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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