You Deserve To Love Yourself Unapologetically

Sarah Loven
Sarah Loven

No one can champion you quite like your own self can. No one wants you to succeed half as much as you do. No one fully knows your story; where you have been, the place you find yourself in now, and where you hope to go next.

It’s always game time. Be prepared. Practice hard, much harder than you think you’ll need to perform. Be sure to turn up, early and to every single game, even to those games you may think don’t matter. Be present in all of your moments. Cheer loudly. Do not give a second thought to any who may be listening and judging from the sidelines.

Support yourself even when you meet with failure – maybe a little extra than you usually would. Don’t even think for a second about switching teams; this is the only team you were destined to cheer for from the day you were given life. When you give your all, but your opposition proves to be a little too tough – do not give up. Promise yourself to come back stronger, and fighting even harder the next time around. Celebrate even the smallest of wins. But don’t settle for those.

Always believe there are bigger and better triumphs to be had ahead.

You are not merely a winner, you are a champion, a warrior, a fighter. Get on out there and shower the world with your sparkling magic.

The truth is, that no one in this world will ever have your back like you do. And no one is going to believe in you and your talent half as much as you can.

If you don’t believe you’re fucking awesome, who the hell else will?

The power to become the person you’ve always wanted to be, rests quietly within you. You must go on the journey to seek it out. You don’t need to search elsewhere; look inwards. Everything you need, has been there for all this time. But you have to believe it. You have to believe in yourself. You have to drown out those little voices in your head telling you that you can’t do anything spectacular, because you’ll fail, or because you’re simply not good enough, and what on earth makes you think that you have what it takes? Pay no attention to this. Hear those voices and make it your mission to knock them flat out with your brilliance.

Don’t waste the magic you have been graciously gifted. It won’t wait around for you forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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