6 Depressing Signs That You’re Not Living The Life You Should Be

Savannah van der Niet
Savannah van der Niet

1. Getting out of your bed each day is damn hard work.

The struggle is real. Whether it’s 5am sharp or, a more than fair, 8 Am – it makes no difference. You do not want to leave that cosy cocoon. And more importantly, why the hell should you.

2. You’re not excited about today.

Or tomorrow. Or the day after. You are TGIF-ing; living for the weekend, and those far and few between vacation days, and even then you’re thinking about – and dreading – how you’ll be back at work in 2/3/4 days. How did you become that person? Urgh.

3. You feel stuck.

Like you’re not moving forward, while everyone around you is full steam ahead with their dreams, goals, and relationships. You’re not a jealous person by nature, but the place you find yourself in is making you think you want someone else’s life. You know deep down that you are great, and you kick-ass on so many levels… what on earth is happening to that confident, sure-of-themselves go-getter, who once had a good percentage of their shit figured out?

4. Your job is a snooze fest.

You don’t hate going to work, hate is a strong word, but you don’t love it, and for someone like you, that is a problem. And you wonder how you ended up in this position. I mean, you did everything right, didn’t you? Achieved in school, didn’t get in trouble (much), went to university, worked (but definitely played) hard, fought to get yourself one of the scarce jobs in your chosen field… but things just haven’t panned out like you thought they would. I guess they never do.

5. When you were younger, you were really hopeful for what your future was going to hold.

You saw a total different picture to what you’re seeing right now. And that saddens you. Where did you go wrong? You haven’t made any catastrophically stupid choices. But sometimes, there is no right or wrong. There’s just a bunch of choices, all of which lead down different paths. You just have to pick one. And you may find yourself at a crossroads wanting to go left instead of straight ahead. And that’s okay. Because the path to your left will become your straight ahead.

6. You know that this is not what you were put on this earth to do.

Whatever ‘this’ is, just isn’t enough. You are meant for so much more. You are yet to find your true purpose. And d’you know what? Many are still searching for theirs, just like you. Don’t be fooled by all those people who look like they’ve got this life thing down. And the fact that you know something isn’t quite right; is the first step in finding what is right. Don’t give up faith just yet. You’ll find your way, I promise, it just takes time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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