13 Wonderful Things That Happen When Your Sister Is Also Your Best Friend

iStockPhoto.com / jeffbergen
iStockPhoto.com / jeffbergen

1. Your inside jokes are ancient

You have jokes and references that are over ten years old by the time you’re in college. That awkward Christmas party, the magical castle playset you built, the first day you got on the elementary school bus. She’s the only person who gets those references and can laugh about your childhood antics.

2. You run up your monthly data

Chances are you don’t live across the hall from your sister anymore, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get to hear every single detail of your life. You call her when your parents do something hilarious, when there’s any romantic news or when you’re bored in traffic. Texting, Snapchat, FaceTime and all other forms of communication are crucial, sorry for the data overages!

3. Other room mates don’t compare

Friends and other roomies throughout the years may be great, but they’re not your sister. They don’t get up and make you pancakes cooked exactly how you like them, or know what kind of movie night it is based on your mood. Your sister has an unfair advantage, she’s known you your whole life.

4. Any significant others have to pass the sister test

I’m sorry boys, but if you don’t pass the test, we’re going to have a problem. Your sister and her opinion are extremely important. His taste in movies, his hobbies and his first impressions all get relayed back before he can meet her. And if she’s not on board, you seriously reconsider and take her advice. She knew how to spot the bad boys in high school, and she knows now.

5. As do major life decisions

Are you thinking about applying to grad school? Quitting your job? Trying a new social media app? It doesn’t matter how big or small, most of the decisions you think about are run by your sister first. You need to ask her before you decide on a new tattoo, because she was there when you got your first ear peircing.

6. You’re not afraid to be blunt

Friends can get mad and stop speaking to you. Your sister is stuck with you for life. Sisters have practiced fighting and making up since birth, and we know that a simple disagreement doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things. You can always count on your sister to tell you that your haircut looks awful, but you can also count on her to try her best to fix it.

7. Telepathy

Your conversations consist of half-finsihed sentences, movie quotes and 90’s song lyrics because there is no need to explain a single thing. She knows exactly what you were thinking before you could get it out of your mouth. This leads to a lot of third-party confusion when other people hang out with you two.

8. Bitchin’ presents

Who knows you better than your sister? No one. That’s why she will always be the best gift-giver, and why you’ll always spend the most time and effort on her gifts for each holiday. You know what she regifted last year, what she’ll actually use and what gag gift she would genuinely find funny.

9. You have two closets

If you’re remotely the same size or taste in clothing and shoes, there’s going to be some serious overlap. If one of you isn’t home, anything left behind is fair game. It’s perfect for date nights and other occasions when nothing in your closet will do. It’s also a good laugh when you see a photo tagged with her on Facebook and finally realize where that one top went.

10. Blackmail

There are two sides to being there for every moment of her entire life. The first is that you have endless blackmail: pictures of the awkward braces phase, stories about her first experience with vodka, and photos of her from a pudgy baby to a makeup-less mess. The second is that you are a guardian of these secrets. You know that she has just as much evidence on you, and that even though she knew you when you were really into Green Day, she can forgive and forget. You can remind her that she was not always as cool as she is now, but you’ll take those secrets to your grave.

11. Two houses

Since you left home, the two of you are probably living your own tragically separated lives. What’s great about that is you basically have two homes now. Whether you’re close by or across international waters, you always have a couch in whatever city she calls home for however long you need, rent-free.

12. Work the parents

No one, I repeat no one can empathize with you about how crazy your parents are like your sister. Your sister was there the whole time, she knows. So she’s the one you can call when you need to talk about family drama. And, you have someone on your side when you need either parental approval or someone to take the heat.

13. You know that no matter what, you have your sister

Ups, downs, crazy family drama and surviving the throws of life, your sister has been there. She saw (all) your awkward phase(s), your college years and every crisis in between. And even though at times you drive each other crazy, you both know there’s no best friend like a sister. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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