This Is How I Am Asking You To Love Me

Christian Newman
Christian Newman

I want you to need me the way I need you. As if I am the air you breathe and you could not continue life without my presence. As if I am the only water to drink in the midst of the desert. As if I am the source of fire in the kernel of winter. As if I am the pen you need to ink your words. As if I am the silence you needed the calm your clamorous thoughts.

I want you to want me the way I want you. The thought of a day without me in your life, your heart gets crumpled like a paper. The thought of me leaving you will make a vast difference in your life because you are so used to my presence you forgot I can leave whenever I felt scared, lost, or empty. The thought of me being happy with somebody else will break your heart into tiny microscopic bits and you would want to win me back because you need me, you love me.

I want you to love me the way I love you. When you are sad, all you could ever want is talk to me because I am the source of your euphoria. When things got worse, you will want to hug me because I am your refuge in this chaotic world. When things get screwed up and messed up, all you want to do is to remind me that you love me and that I will be your one and only. When you become scared that I might leave you, you would utter things you did not think you could be able to speak. You would cross mountains of fear, swim oceans of doubts, walk a whole continent of dilemmas and yet, you would still want me to stay. In times of weakness, you will want to hold my hand tight because you want us to conquer anything that will stumble in the road we are taking.

I want to be a necessity— your necessity. I want you to think that I will be the only girl in the world for you and that you deserve me so much you would not want any man to interfere us. I want you to think that I am made for the best and the best I am pertaining to, is you. I want you to think that no other man can love me the way you do because you are the only man capable of loving me so much more than himself. I want you to think that I will be the last lady you will love because we want that reality, we just have to vanquish all the catastrophes we are about to encounter. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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