I Think We’re More Than Soulmates

IB Wira Dyatmika
IB Wira Dyatmika

I adore the thought that we
were born of the same sky,
and everything I was missing is in you.
The rationality and strength landed in you,
while I was created to be your very opposite.
You are everything I was missing,
but you are everything I am.
And I love to believe it’s true;
that time will create life and death
and one day we will be seventy nine,
lying in bed, holding each other’s hand
and realize that we always did;
that a supernova will hit this planet
and we will be torn apart,
death will consume us, and it does—
for awhile there will be nothing but darkness
and sometimes light and empty sound
then life will be born again.
And I am fond of believing the thought
that maybe, somewhere in another life,
we will still find each other and
love each other the way we always do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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