You Deserve To Accept Love

Nick Bondarev
Nick Bondarev

Do not look for love on empty city streets
do not look for love in school dances
or book stores or little coffee shops.
Do not look for love.

Love is not the boy who texts you first,
he is not the boy who sends you love letters
or who always say the right thing
or knows when you are in need of him most.

Love will come in suddenly and quickly
like a rainstorm in the middle of June.
Love will come and go as it pleases,
the books will never tell you that love
is not a metaphor or perfection or a savior.

Love will make you sad and make you crazy.
Love will make you want to punch a wall
or roll your eyes until they hurt.

Love will say things that come out wrong;
he will wear the same wrinkled shirt for days,
he will sometimes forget to show he loves you,
he will yell and nag and cry and stay silent.
Love will leave their dirty clothes on the floor
and their make up all over the sink.

Love is not perfect;
but love will tell you you are beautiful.
Love will sleep next to you on cold nights.
Love will make you laugh at stupid things.
Love will kiss your forehead.
Love will drive you one block because it’s raining,
he will come to you saying sorry
and you will hug them and feel okay.

Love comes in when it wants,
love does what it wants and
it leaves when it wants because love
isn’t promised or planned.

Love is a hurricane
and sometimes hurricanes must pass. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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