6 Life Lessons To Learn From Leslie Knope

Parks and Recreation: Season Three
Parks and Recreation: Season Three

6. My pleasure, see you in hell!

Temporary rifts are no reason to ruin friendships. Things happen, people can get fired, have bad days at work, they can be running for City Council. Whatever it may be, people have things going on, you can be frustrated with their current attitude, but that is no reason to permanently lose a friend!

5. There’s no other option Ann, put away your sex toys and play with them on your own time.

Be prepared! For every single situation you’re in, including the obvious ones. Whether it’s for your job or for your private life (wink wink) do your best to be prepared. You don’t want to be that person who’s called on in class or in a meeting and doesn’t have an answer.

4. I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself.

Oh my God, BE INSPIRED BY YOURSELF. You there, you’re quite awesome! You are a living breathing human being on this planet Earth which is the perfect distance from the sun to sustain human life which is perfectly placed in the solar system which is in the Milky Way (which is delicious) which is a tiny dot in the entire unknown Universe. And that barely scratches the surface of your own individual awesomeness.

3. Merry congratuchristmas.

Make sure you spend time to appreciate others hard work. Remember how I said that you should give your friends a bit of space when they’re having a hard time? Well you should also make sure to appreciate their wonderful accomplishments! If your friend just had an article published or got nominated for their superior chair making, be happy for them! I guarantee they’ll be happy for you too.

2. One persons annoying is another’s inspiring and heroic.

Worth being mentioned twice. BE INSPIRED BY YOURSELF. You are heroic, and inspiring. Also, don’t worry if someone think’s you’re annoying, someone else will find you inspiring. (P.S. it should be you!)

1. Or it’s waffles, friends, work, it doesn’t matter, but work is third.

Self explanatory. Waffles rule all. TC Mark

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