10 Beautiful Poems For When You Are Separated From Your Person

Matthew Wiebe
Matthew Wiebe

Your person (Noun): A person who understands your soul. A person with whom words are not the only method of communication. The one person you know will always be there when you call. A person can be a lover, a friend, a parent, an undefined human.

Here are some words that will keep you company when you are separated from your person, due to distance, time, circumstance or ego. Always know that your true person will find you again and if they don’t you have yet to find them for the first time.


I drove, flew, ran
As far as I possibly could

To the edges of the earth
So close to the brink that I almost fell off

But I could never get far enough away from myself
To leave you behind


Reason & Logic
You’re the gentle humming song
Constantly playing in my head
Your voice replaces my reason
And I think what you might think instead


Who I’ve Become
Every time you leave
I become the person you wanted
A little bit more
I become more you than me


I haven’t thought about you
Since the last time I thought about you


Me Without You
I’m not whole without you
I’m full of holes without you


Missing Person
And now I think
It’s not me who misses you
It’s you who misses me
Because you haven’t come up for me recently
But I can feel you feeling
In the middle of a moment
Through the deepest haze of fast asleep


The Ties That Bind
Time, distance
Unspoken love and hurt between us
But there’s always space in my heart for you
Dysfunctional though we may be
To me you are chosen family
You are part of the fabric of who I am
I’ve let you go
But I can’t erase you


Coming Home
When everything falls apart
I’ll know it
Without you having to say a word
I’ll feel it in my bones
And I’ll open the door
When you come home


After everything is said and done
I still think you are magical
The kind of magic
Dreams are made of


On Hope and Home
The things that are
Part of your soul
Will eventually call you home
So if today
The thing you love
Seems lost
Or out of reach
Don’t lose hope
Release your hopes into the world
And give them time to breathe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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