11 Poems For When Your Heart Is Aching

Nicki Varkevisser
Nicki Varkevisser

Sometimes, the best way to get over your sadness is to wade right through the thick of it. It’s okay to allow yourself to feel your emotions, drown in them even. As long as you make efforts to keep moving forward, it will help you heal in the long run. Here are eleven short poems to help you tap in to the depths of your melancholy and keep you company through the dark night.

1. Some Nights

Mostly I try not to break my own heart
But some nights
I listen to a playlist that terrifies me
Read words that destroy me
And look at pictures that crush my soul
Some nights
I drown in the depths of my own despair
And accept the truth
That I’ve lost the only thing that could ever make me whole

2. Me Without You

Me without you
of nothing significant

3, Rain

My thoughts float
Out of my brain
And into the sky
To live in the clouds
Till they burst with feelings
For rain is the broken dreams
Of the once hopeful

4. Missing Person

You’re always missing
At the beach
Driving along the darkened streets
At dinner
At a party
Watching TV
Trying to sleep
I’m always distracted by the lack of your presence

5. Home

Fuck my soul and its connection to you
I’ve tried scissors
A knife
A hack saw
But the unrelenting grip holds on tight
What’s a wanderlustful soul to do
I’ve traveled the world
My mind always comes back home to you

6. Unlocked

He holds the keys
To my undoing
Unlocks the door
And walks away
Each time I rebuild
From amongst the ruins
Leaving the door
Unlatched again

7. Some Things

It’s not going to be ok
That thing that you didn’t want to happen
Didn’t happen for any reason at all
It just happened
There’s nothing to be learned or gained
It won’t make your better
It won’t make anything better
And you’ll always feel bad about the way it went down
That’s all that can be said about some things

8. Dust to Dust

Dreams don’t die
They evaporate
Turn into dust
And fill our lungs
Till we suffocate

9. True Love

We can have countless loves in this life
But we only get one or two
Soul catching
Heart crushing
Wish fulfilling
Deepest depths of our being touching
And what if it’s already happened
We had it
But it wasn’t a lasting love
And every other love after this
Is destined to be just enough
In perpetuity

10. The Future

What if the psychic was wrong
What if your dreams evolve
But the old ones came true
And what if one day
You don’t even remember my name
What of a future
Our present selves want no part of
Who are we today
And who shall we be tomorrow

11. Frozen

Don’t break your own heart
By looking back
Let it go
Nothing is meant to last Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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