5 Things Creative Souls Absolutely Need

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Those who are naturally creative sometimes get their creativity in spurts and during inconvenient times such as the wee hours of the morning, the middle of the night, during a boring meeting, lecture, or while stuck in the middle of a boring conversation. For this reason, we need the space, time, and overall freedom to be able to create at the specific moment that we feel the fire lights beneath our asses.


Most of us benefit from keeping journals to jot down how our days went, to draw out our inner emotions, jot down story ideas, poems, song lyrics, mantras or what have you. Almost every creative spirit has a journal or thousands they’ve accumulated over the years with their creativity splattered all over.


Not the old tape recorders back in the 90’s we used to goof off on or even truly create some masterpieces of musical ideas with..but the one on your phone, silly! If you’re a naturally creative person, you probably have some type of recording app on your mobile device and if not, I highly suggest it. If you’re a singer, producer, or song-writer and you’re not at home, near a studio or your late night journal, what else are you going to do? Since most of us keep our phones on us these days, you can use it as a creative-life-saver. If you’re out in public, sneak away to a private place, pretend to be on the phone or whisper. Do whatever you have to do to record that idea right then and there. If you don’t use it, you lose it!

4.Phone Note Pad

This is another phone app that acts as a lifesaver and an alternative for writers, in particular, who don’t have their paper journals with them. The case may also be that you simply don’t feel like writing with a pencil, pen, or a marker. So, getting a “notepad” app is a great alternative


When we think about fuel to spark our creative juices, we automatically start thinking about certain people. (Ahem…guilty as charged!) People give us all types of feelings and sensations and for this reason, we make the perfect muses for creatives. We also give creatives reasons to creatively flirt with us, immortalize us, and to cleverly communicate with us in their own unique fashion.

Another popular muse for creatives is nature, God, or social justice passions. While I’ve found a muse in all of those things, I’ve also personally found muses in other things, such as household furniture, bugs, and even the inability to create. You can literally grab inspiration from anything and muse it with a philosophy to get a different outlook on life and the world beyond it. A creative soul could be stuck, staring at the carpet and come out with a beautiful piece of art about how s/he has allowed others to walk all over them in life or an encouraging word not to allow it to happen to you, at all.

Feeling uninspired? Natural creatives like me, even find ways to write about that! Creative souls carry a magic within that cannot be bought or taught. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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