7 Things Every Free Spirit Knows To Be True

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1. You fiercely wear whatever you want.

It doesn’t matter what’s in, what’s cool or not cool to wear, or whether others like how you dress or not. The focal point is your own opinion and your own style and taste.

You may look to fashion to get cool new ideas or you may even like some of the new trends. However, as a free-spirit, it is not something you live and swear by.

You are the person who will get excited when a uniquely dressed individual walks into the room, not only because you love the outfit but because you recognize that another free-spirit just trotted into the room.

2. You dislike dictatorship.

Nothing annoys you more than people who try to tell others how to live their lives. You don’t do things because everybody else is doing them, you march to the beat of your own drum and you can’t stand it when someone suddenly tries to play “Field Commando.”

You realize that not a single soul on Earth should have an opinion about fashion, personal tastes, or etc that is considered to be the be all, end all and you wish that the world understood this.

You don’t need a stylist because you are your own stylist and you’d never try to play stylist for others nor tell them they need one. You often find yourself rolling your eyes at the trends of society because of the “who wants to be in the in crowd” notion, behind all of the anti-individualistic rhetoric.

You’re the person who coined the phrase, “live and let live.” You allow others enough space to be themselves as long as they are not hurting anyone and you appreciate and make the greatest friends with those who also accept you for you and do not try to impose their lifestyle choices onto yours.

3. Rude comments about your personal choices get your blood boiling.

“You look like you stepped out of the 80’s, girl!”

Your response to that? “Duh. That was the point!”

Not only do you view such statements as ignorant but because you do your own thing and have your own sense of style, you can’t stand when people make rude comments about the way you dress, your hairstyles, or your lifestyle choices altogether.

You especially find it distasteful when you’ve been minding your own business and doing your own thing. As a matter of fact, this is one of your biggest triggers.

Not only do you dislike it being done to you but you also hate seeing it being done to others and you make a conscious effort not to cross the line — especially on those who are undeserving.

4. You dislike societal standards.

“This celebrity is the only one who can get away with wearing this.”

One thing that irks you are societal standards that place peer pressure on the world to mold them to be all the same. You love your individuality too much to take part in that nonsense.

Unless you naturally fall into the category of a societal standard, you find a lot of them distasteful because of the principle of it all.

You especially dislike the fact that people excuse celebrities for their lifestyle choices but not your everyday person. Both of you are human, right?

What’s even worse is that society goes as far as to tell you that you cannot wear something and that a certain celebrity is the only one who can. Your answer to that most of the time is, “Again, who are you?”

5. You know your lane.

As a free-spirit, you have your opinions as everyone does, but that is as far as they go. You can’t stand it when people think they’re entitled to voice opinions that lack relevancy to one’s personal choices so you have a unique understanding of the phrase, “Stay in your lane.”

Your opinions don’t turn into judgments or “ew” factors and because of this, people feel they can be themselves around you and have conversations with you that they can’t have with others.

6. You’re a free thinker.

Conspiracy theorist anyone? Okay, while you may or may not be a conspiracy theorist, you’re definitely a free thinker.

If something is off to you, that’s the end of it. You think for yourself and have no problem sticking to your guns even when it seems as though the world is against you.

If there’s one thing you can’t stand, it’s herd mentality and a weak-minded person. You hate it when others jump on a bandwagon simply because they’ve been “told.”

You encourage others to seek understanding, answers, and to always question things that are not so apparent.

7. You’re highly individualistic.

If this wasn’t obvious enough, you are highly individualistic in every way possible and because of this, you try not to stick your opinions where they don’t belong.

Most people with individualistic hearts treat others with the same courtesy, giving them the same kind of freedom to be who they are and this is why most free-spirits can make friends with wide ranges of people, from different walks of life and backgrounds.

Free spirits don’t judge others based on money, status, or any other measurement but rather if they vibe with the individual.

Even if you do hang out with the so-called lames and losers of society, who cares, right? We will all be lame together!

In addition to these characteristics, free-spirits are the ones you’ll see dancing down the street, so heavily into their music.

Sometimes, free-spirits forget that the world around them doesn’t have the same outlook on life and they often find themselves being a target for ridicule from the public.

Stay as strong, beautiful, and free as you are! Those who judge you just have no clue how fun being yourself truly is!

You are strong. You are wise. Most importantly, you are an amazing person.

“They” can talk about the way you dress, do your hair, and live your life but one thing that can’t do is take away your right to be you.

Never give away that confidence and that power. Vogue your jazzy behind into wherever your free spirited soul takes you! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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